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Edited By: David Dudgeon

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Virtual Issue 25 years of editing with Alan Hildrew and Colin Townsend

Key articles in Freshwater Biology:
25 years of editing with Alan Hildrew and Colin Townsend

October 2007

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Freshwater Biology– looking back, looking forward
Alan Hildrew, Colin Townsend

Food selection by Dreissena polymorpha Pallas (Mollusca: Bivalvia)

Community structure in some southern English streams: the influence of physicochemical factors

Lake restoration by biomanipulation: Round Lake, Minnesota, the first two years

Cycling and retention of nitrogen and phosphorus in wetlands: a theoretical and applied perspective

Stream hydraulics as a major determinant of benthic invertebrate zonation patterns

The prediction of the macro-invertebrate fauna of unpolluted running-water sites in Great Britain using environmental data

Input, movement and exchange of organic matter within a subtropical coastal black water river-flood plain system

Periphyton biomass dynamics in gravel bed rivers: the relative effects of flows and nutrients

Experimental evidence quantifying the role of benthic invertebrates in organic matter dynamics of headwater streams

Relative vulnerabilities of natural rotifer and ciliate communities to cladocerans: laboratory and field experiments

A weighted averaging regression and calibration model for inferring total phosphorus concentration from diatoms in British Columbia (Canada) lakes

Riparian vegetated buffer strips in water-quality restoration and stream management

Species traits in relation to a habitat templet for river systems

Impact of submerged macrophytes on fish-zooplanl phytoplankton interactions: large-scale enclosure experiments in a shallow eutrophic lake

The effect of habitat-specific sampling on biological assessment of water quality using a predictive model

The ecological significance of exchange processes between rivers and groundwater

Influence of submerged macrophytes on sediment composition and near bed flow in lowland streams

Ecosystem measures of river health and their response to riparian and catchment degradation

Trophic structure, species richness and biodiversity in Danish lakes: changes along a phosphorus gradient

Relationships between land use, spatial scale and stream macroinvertebrate communities

Riverine landscape diversity

Ecological effects of perturbation by drought in flowing waters

Salinity, depth and the structure and composition of microbial mats in continental Antarctic lakes

Lake responses to reduced nutrient loading - an analysis of contemporary long-term date from 25 case studies

Dynamic patch mosaics and channel movement in an unconfined river valley of the Olympic Mountains

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