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Edited By: David Dudgeon

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Virtual Issue Advances in Food-Web Research

Virtual Issue Advances in Food-Web Research: A Compendium of Freshwater Biology PapersAdvances in Food-Web Research:
A Compendium of Freshwater Biology Papers

May 2012

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Freshwater food webs: towards a more fundamental understanding of biodiversity and community dynamics
Ross M. Thompson, Jennifer A. Dunne, Guy Woodward

Pelagic food web interactions among benthic invertebrates and trout in mountain lakes
R.P. Weidman, D.W. Schindler, R.D. Vinebrooke

Biogenic methane in freshwater food webs
R. I. Jones, J. Grey

Species diversity and decomposition in laboratory aquatic systems: the role of species interactions
M.L. Costantini, L. Rossi

Species richness facilitates ecosystem resilience in aquatic food webs
A.L. Downing, M.A. Leibold

Back to the future: using palaeolimnology to infer long-term changes in shallow lake food webs
R. Rawcliffe, C.D. Sayer, G. Woodward, J. Grey, T.A. Davidson, J.I. Jones

What does stable isotope analysis reveal about trophic relationships and the relative importance of allochthonous and autochthonous resources in tropical streams? A synthetic study from Hong Kong
D.C.P. Lau, K.M.Y. Leung, D. Dudgeon

Omnivory does not prevent trophic cascades in pelagic food webs
N. Okun, J. Brasil, J.L. Attayde, I.A.S. Costa

Effects of habitat complexity on community structure and predator avoidance behaviour of littoral zooplankton in temperate versus subtropical shallow lakes
M. Meerhoff, C. Iglesias, F.T. De Mello, J.M. Clemente, E. Jensen, T.L. Lauridsen, E. Jeppesen

Food web structure and function in two arctic streams with contrasting disturbance regimes
S.M. Parker, A.D. Huryn

Invertebrate food webs along a stream resource gradient
S.M. Parker, A.D. Huryn

Contribution of terrestrial invertebrates to the annual resource budget for salmonids in forest and grassland reaches of a headwater stream
Y. Kawaguchi, S. Nakano

The effect of seasonal variation on the community structure and food-web attributes of two streams: implications for food-web science
R.M. Thompson, C.R. Townsend

Trophic relationships: integrating meiofauna into a realistic benthic food web
J.M. Schmid-Araya, P.E. Schmid

Microcrustacean prey and macroinvertebrate predators in a stream food-web
J. Lancaster, A.L. Robertson

The stable carbon isotope ratios of fish and their invertebrate prey in 4 New Zealand rivers
J.S. Rounick, B.J. Hicks

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