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Edited By: Peter Doyle

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Author Guidelines

Geology Today provides an entertaining and instructive read for all people interested in the Earth sciences.  It provides a balance of news and review articles of topics of current interest in the Earth sciences, written in an accessible way by leading experts in the field.

Geology Today offers rapid and full-colour publication of topical news items, features that review recent developments in geology and related disciplines and explanatory articles on items of broad geological interest.

Geology Today can provide rapid publication for topical articles: at the Editor's discretion, articles can be published within two months of submission. Contributions are welcomed in the following forms: Feature Articles (generally up to 3000 words), News items (up to 900 words maximum) or general correspondence.  Other contributions include Rocks Explained, Minerals Explained, Building Stones Explained and Fossils Explained series.  Each contribution will be accepted on its own merit, and selection for publication will be at the discretion of the Editor.  As such, it may be valuable to discuss the content of any potential articles or news items with the Editor before submission.

Contact details
Peter Doyle
Geology Today, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1V 9AG, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)207 434 9298

The submission of articles on all aspects of geology and Earth sciences is welcome, and should be made directly to the editor at For submission of large supporting files containing illustrations you should liaise with the editor using the same address. In all cases, articles should give an introduction to the topic and clearly explain the geological significance in a manner suitable for a broad (non-technical) audience. Articles should be written without citations but with a short list of suggested reading. An article template is available as a formatting guideline.

Illustrations, both images and diagrams, are welcome; and should be of a high quality.  Colour illustrations are preferred.  The Editor has discretion over which to accept: the main criteria are content and quality, a small number of high quality images are preferred. Illustrations should be sent in hard copy with the initial submission and digitally, ideally in a vector file format, preferably TIF. Please do not embed files in the text but send them separately. Good quality prints or transparencies are also suitable. It is the authors' responsibility to obtain and pay for permission to publish any copyright material.

For a guide to digital illustrations see:

Contributions should follow the format used in the most recent issues of Geology Today.
The layout of a Feature article is typically:

Title (which should be short and ‘punchy’)
Author(s) name, address and e-mail
Summary (short, to the point)
Main text (using suitable subheads)
Suggestions for further reading (Geology Today does not normally use in text references, this should be used to direct readers)

For further guidance, a free sample issue of Geology Today may be viewed at: Wiley Online Library

Geology Today does not normally use in-text referencing on its Feature articles.  Suggestions for further reading are, however, normally included, and the following examples show the format that should be used:

Kiersch, G.A. & Underwood, J.R., Jr. 1998. Geology and military operations, 1800-1960: An overview. In: Underwood, J.R., Jr. & Guth, P.L. (eds) Military Geology in War and Peace. Reviews in Engineering Geology v.13, pp.5-27. Geological Society of America, Boulder, Colorado.
Moore, R.C., Elias, M.K. & Newell, N.D. 1936. A ‘Permian’ flora from the Pennsylvanian rocks of Kansas. Journal of Geology, v.44, pp.1-31.

Exclusive Licence Form
Authors will be required to sign an Exclusive Licence Form (ELF) for all papers accepted for publication. Signature of the ELF is a condition of publication and papers will not be passed to the publisher for production unless a signed form has been received. Please note that signature of the Exclusive Licence Form does not affect ownership of copyright in the material. (Government employees need to complete the Author Warranty sections, although copyright  in such cases does not need to  be assigned).  After submission authors will retain the right to publish their paper in various medium/circumstances (please see the form for further details).  To assist authors an appropriate form will be supplied by the editorial office. Alternatively, authors may like to download a copy of the form here.

Book reviews
Book reviews are an important part of the magazine, and are welcome.  Books for review should be sent to:
Soren Hemmingsen
Life Science Journals Editorial
1 Rosenørns Allé
DK-1970 Frederiksberg C