Global Change Biology

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Top 10 Papers Contributing to the 2013 Impact Factor

TRY – a global database of plant traits
Kattge, J et al.

Temperature and soil organic matter decomposition rates - synthesis of current knowledge and a way forward
Conant, RT; Ryan, MG; Agren, GI; Birge, HE; Davidson, EA; Eliasson, PE; Evans, SE; Frey, SD; Giardina, CP; Hopkins, FM; Hyvonen, R; Kirschbaum, MUF; Lavallee, JM; Leifeld, J; Parton, WJ; Steinweg, JM; Wallenstein, MD; Wetterstedt, JAM; Bradford, MA

Responses of terrestrial ecosystems to temperature and precipitation change: a meta-analysis of experimental manipulation
Wu, ZT; Dijkstra, P; Koch, GW; Penuelas, J; Hungate, BA

Footprints of climate change in the Arctic marine ecosystem
Wassmann, P; Duarte, CM; Agusti, S; Sejr, MK

Adult exposure influences offspring response to ocean acidification in oysters
Parker, LM; Ross, PM; O'Connor, WA; Borysko, L; Raftos, DA; Portner, HO

Impact of tropical land-use change on soil organic carbon stocks - a meta-analysis
Don, A; Schumacher, J; Freibauer, A

Effects of biotic disturbances on forest carbon cycling in the United States and Canada
Hicke, JA; Allen, CD; Desai, AR; Dietze, MC; Hall, RJ; Hogg, EH; Kashian, DM; Moore, D; Raffa, KF; Sturrock, RN; Vogelmann, J

The impact of temperature variability on wheat yields
Asseng, S; Foster, I; Turner, NC

Soil organic matter turnover is governed by accessibility not recalcitrance
Dungait, JAJ; Hopkins, DW; Gregory, AS; Whitmore, AP

A decade of climate change experiments on marine organisms: procedures, patterns and problems
Wernberg, T; Smale, DA; Thomsen, MS