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Top 10 Papers Contributing to the 2011 Impact Factor

Climate change and plant distribution: local models predict high-elevation persistence
Randin, CF; Engler, R; Normand, S; Zappa, M; Zimmermann, NE; Pearman, PB; Vittoz, P; Thuiller, W; Guisan, A

Mass mortality in Northwestern Mediterranean rocky benthic communities: effects of the 2003 heat wave
Garrabou, J; Coma, R; Bensoussan, N; Bally, M; Chevaldonne, P; Cigliano, M; Diaz, D; Harmelin, JG; Gambi, MC; Kersting, DK; Ledoux, JB; Lejeusne, C; Linares, C; Marschal, C; Perez, T; Ribes, M; Romano, JC; Serrano, E; Teixido, N; Torrents, O; Zabala, M; Zuberer, F; Cerrano, C

Systematic assessment of terrestrial biogeochemistry in coupled climate-carbon models
Randerson, JT; Hoffman, FM; Thornton, PE; Mahowald, NM; Lindsay, K; Lee, YH; Nevison, CD; Doney, SC; Bonan, G; Stockli, R; Covey, C; Running, SW; Fung, IY

Reappraisal of drying and wetting effects on C and N mineralization and fluxes in soils
Borken, W; Matzner, E

REVIEW: Time lag between photosynthesis and carbon dioxide efflux from soil: a review of mechanisms and controls
Kuzyakov, Y; Gavrichkova, O

Russian Arctic warming and greening are closely tracked by tundra shrub willows
Forbes, BC; Fauria, MM; Zetterberg, P

Intercomparison, interpretation, and assessment of spring phenology in North America estimated from remote sensing for 1982–2006
White, MA; de Beurs, KM; Didan, K; Inouye, DW; Richardson, AD; Jensen, OP; O'Keefe, J; Zhang, G; Nemani, RR; van Leeuwen, WJD; Brown, JF; de Wit, A; Schaepman, M; Lin, XM; Dettinger, M; Bailey, AS; Kimball, J; Schwartz, MD; Baldocchi, DD; Lee, JT; Lauenroth, WK

Nitrogen deposition causes widespread loss of species richness in British habitats
Maskell, LC; Smart, SM; Bullock, JM; Thompson, K; Stevens, CJ

Trophic level asynchrony in rates of phenological change for marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments
Thackeray, SJ; Sparks, TH; Frederiksen, M; Burthe, S; Bacon, PJ; Bell, JR; Botham, MS; Brereton, TM; Bright, PW; Carvalho, L; Clutton-Brock, T; Dawson, A; Edwards, M; Elliott, JM; Harrington, R; Johns, D; Jones, ID; Jones, JT; Leech, DI; Roy, DB; Scott, WA; Smith, M; Smithers, RJ; Winfield, IJ; Wanless, S

Predominant role of water in regulating soil and microbial respiration and their responses to climate change in a semiarid grassland
Liu, WX; Zhang, Z; Wan, SQ