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Co-Editors C. Kessler and M. Makris

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Online ISSN: 1365-2516

WFH 50 Year Commemorative Virtual Issue

Welcome to Haemophilia’s WFH 2014 World Congress 50 Year Commemorative Virtual Issue

All articles and commentaries are freely available and have been specially selected by the guest editors: Chrisitine A. Lee, Alison M. Street and Elizabeth Myles

The Commemorative Issue gathers a compilation of historical papers in commemoration of 50 years of the World Federation of Hemophilia (1963–2013).

This Virtual Issue presents papers which offer insights into haemophilia, haemostasis, blood and platelet disorders, von Willebrand disease, hepatitis C, morbidity and other hematological related diseases. There are also articles which evaluate some promising new and old interventions: gene therapy, genetic testing, care registries, prophylaxis and testing for factor inhibitors.


World Federation of Hemophilia: 50 years of advancing treatment for all
M. W. Skinner and E. Myles


The first patient to receive factor IX concentrate in the UK: a recollection
C. R. Rizza

Mr Lane and the blood of a stout young woman
G. I. C. Ingram

Emile Rémigy and the discovery of anti-haemophilic activity in cryoprecipitate
Cees Th. Smit. Sibinga

An elective orthopaedic surgical repair: a reminiscence
C. K. Kasper

William Hewson and the blood which issued last but clotted first: the beginning of the story of desmopressin in haemophilia and vWD
C. I. C. Ingram and P. M. Mannucci

The haemophilic dogs of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
J. B. Graham

'An account of an hemorrhagic disposition existing in certain families'
M. W. Hilgartner

The haemophilic boy in school
P. Jones

‘Dose requirement for replacement therapy in hemophilia A’
C. Kessler

The history of haemophilia
G. I. C. Ingram

Witnessing medical history: an interview with Dr Rosemary Biggs

Massive factor-VIII infusion in Hæmophiliac with factor-VIII inhibitor, high responder
H. H. Brackmann and J. Gormsen


Commentary on Brackmann and Gormsen (Lancet 1977; ii: 933): Massive factor-VIII infusion in haemophiliac with factor-VIII inhibitor, high responder
C. A. Lee



A marvellous and authentic account: the first written report of haemophilia in America
R.J. Atwood

Commemorative Articles

Memories of my research into von Willebrand’s disease
M. Blomback

Activated factor VII: my story
U. Hedner

Porcine factor VIII
P. L. F. Giangrande

Development and introduction of recombinant factor VIII – a clinician’s experience
J.M. Lusher

Judith Graham Pool and the discovery of cryoprecipitate
C.K. Kasper

The AIDS epidemic in haemophilia patients II: pursuing absolute viral safety of clotting factor concentrates 1985–1988
B.L. Evatt

History of prophylaxis
E. Berntorp

Erik von Willebrand
R. Lassila and O. Lindberg

Laboratory testing and standardisation
T.W. Barrowcliffe