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Supportive and Palliative Care - March 2014
Chronic Disease Virtual Issue - January 2014
Mental Health Virtual Issue– April 2013
Aging Virtual Issue - October 2012
Carers Virtual Issue - August 2012

Supportive and Palliative Care

Merryn Gott & Clare Gardiner

What are the priorities for developing culturally appropriate palliative and end-of-life care for older people? The views of healthcare staff working in New Zealand
Gary Bellamy and Merryn Gott

Bereaved informal cancer carers making sense of their palliative care experiences at home
Tim Wong and Jane Ussher

Supporting hospice volunteers and caregivers through community-based participatory research
Ann MacLeod, Mark W. Skinner and Eleanor Low

Family caregivers’ ideal expectations of Canada’s Compassionate Care Benefit
Valorie A. Crooks, Allison Williams, Kelli I. Stajduhar, S. Robin Cohen, Diane Allan & Kevin Brazil

Perspectives from the frontlines: palliative care providers’ expectations of Canada’s compassionate care benefit programme
Melissa Giesbrecht, Valorie A. Crooks and Allison Williams

A longitudinal study of end-of-life preferences of terminally-ill people who live alone
Samar M. Aoun & Kim Skett

Do models of care designed for terminally ill ‘home alone’ people improve their end-of-life experience? A patient perspective
Samar Aoun, Moira O’Connor, Kim Skett, Kathleen Deas & Joanna Smith

The public’s viewpoint on the right to hastened death in Alberta, Canada: findings from a population survey study
Donna M. Wilson, Stephen Birch, Rod MacLeod, Nurin Dhanji, Jane Osei-Waree & Joachim Cohen

Providers’ perceptions of Aboriginal palliative care in British Columbia’s rural interior
Heather Castleden, Valorie A. Crooks, Neil Hanlon & Nadine Schuurman

Where do I go from here’? A cultural perspective on challenges to the use of hospice services
Rosemary Frey, Merryn Gott, Deborah Raphael, Stella Black, Linda Teleo-Hope, Hyeonjoo Lee & Zonghua Wang

Home-care utilization within the year of death: trends, predictors and changes in access equity during a period of health policy reform in British Columbia, Canada
M. E. Brackley & M. J. Penning

Shared care: the barriers encountered by community-based palliative care teams in Ontario, Canada
Lily DeMiglio & Allison Williams

Barriers to dying at home: the impact of poor co-ordination of community service provision for patients with cancer
Mary O’Brien & Barbara Jack

A protocol for determining differences in consistency and depth of palliative care service provision across community sites
Nadine Schuurman, Valorie A. Crooks and Ofer Amram

The role of healthcare support workers in providing palliative and end-of-life care in the community: a systematic literature review
Oliver R. Herber & Bridget M. Johnston

Testing models of care for terminally ill people who live alone at home: is a randomised controlled trial the best approach?
Samar M. Aoun, Moira O’Connor, Lauren J. Breen, Kathleen Deas & Kim Skett

Chronic Disease Virtual Issue - January 2014

Christi Deaton

he Role of Information in Supporting Self-Care in Vascular Conditions: a Conceptual and Empirical Review
Christian Blickem et al.

Physical Environmental Correlates of Self-Reported and Objectively Assessed Physical Activity in Belgian Type 2 Diabetes Patients
Karlijn De Greef, Delfien Van Dyck, Benedicte Deforche & Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij

Motivation to physical activity among adults with high risk of type 2 diabetes who participated in the Oulu substudy of the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study
Eveliina Korkiakangas, Anja M. Taanila & Sirkka Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi

Social Capital – a Neglected Issue in Diabetes Control: a Cross-Sectional Survey in Iran
Ziba Farajzadegan et al.

Barriers and Facilitators of Weight Management: Perspectives of Arab Women at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
Habiba I. Ali, Latifa M. Baynouna & Roos M. Bernsen

Do social Inequalities Exist in Terms of the Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment Control and Monitoring of Diabetes? A Systematic Review
I. Ricci-Cabello et al.

A Scoping Review on the Experiences and Preferences in Accessing Diabetes-Related Healthcare Information and Services by British Bangladeshis
Rahul Alam, Shaun Speed & Kinta Beaver

Patient Access to Healthcare Services and Optimisation of Self-Management for Ethnic Minority Populations Living with Diabetes: A systematic Review
Charlotte Wilson et al.

The Effectiveness of Culturally Appropriate Interventions to Manage or Prevent Chronic Disease in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities: a Systematic Literature Review
Saras Henderson, Elizabeth Kendall & Laurenne See

Cost of diabetes and its Complications in Thailand: a Complete Picture of Economic Burden
Susmita Chatterjee et al.

The Impact of Chronic Illness on Workforce Participation and the Need for Assistance with Household Tasks and Personal Care by Older Australians
Laurann Yen et al.

A Primary Care Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic in Canada was more Effective and no more Expensive than Usual On-Demand Primary Care – a Randomised Control Trial
Michael Mills et al.

It’s Not Just About Heart Failure – Voices of Older People in Transition to Dependence and Death
Susan Waterworth & Diane Jorgensen

Navigation Roles Support Chronically Ill Older Adults through Healthcare Transitions: a systematic Review of the Literature
Brooke Manderson et al.

Older People with Heart Failure and General Practitioners – Temporal Reference Frameworks and Implications for Practice
Susan Waterworth

A Randomised Controlled Trial of the Home Independence Programme, an Australian Restorative Home-Care Programme for Older Adults
Gill Lewin et al

Programmes To Support Chronic Disease Self-Management: Should we be Concerned about the Impact on Spouses?
Stacey Masters et al.

‘Somebody to Watch Over You’: the Role of the Family in Everyday and Emergency Diabetes Care
Kathleen L. Gunn, Kate Seers, Natasha Posner & Vivien Coates

‘After the Stroke’: patients’ and carers’ experiences of healthcare after stroke in Scotland
L. Salisbury, K. Wilkie, C. Bulley & J. Shiels

Aging Virtual Issue - August 2012

Robin Kearns

Quality of life in older outpatients living alone in the community of Italy
Claudio Bilotta et al.

Defining roles, relationships, boundaries and participation between elderly people and nurses within the home: an ethnographic study
Julie McGarry

Outcomes of coordinated and integrated interventions targeting trail elderly people: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials
Kajsa Eklund & Katarina Wilhelmson

Preventive home visits to older home-dwelling people in Denmark: are invitational procedures of importance? Ekmann A, Vass M & Avlund K

User involvement in the development of a health promotion technology for older people: findings from the SWISH project
Illiffe S, Kharicha K, Harari D, Swift C, Goodman C & Manthorpe J

Healthy ageing in a salutogenic way: building the HP 2.0 framework
Lezwijn J, Vaandrager L et al.

Navigation roles support chronically ill older adults through healthcare transitions: a systematic review of the literature
Manderson B, Mcmurray J, Piraino E & Stolee P

Social determinants of older adults’ awareness of community support services in Hamilton, Ontario
Tindale J et al.

Partner or perish? Exploring inter-organisational partnerships in the multicultural community aged care sector Radermacher H, Karunarathna Y, Grace N & Feldman S

Factors related to frequent usage of the primary healthcare services in old age: findings from The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care Rennemark
M, Holst G, Fagerstrom C and Halling A

Carers Virtual Issue - August 2012

Sheila Payne

The effect of caregiving on women in families with Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy
Aileen Kenneson & Janet Kay Bobo

Gender differences among Canadian spousal caregivers at the end of life
Kevin Brazil, Lehana Thabane, Gary Foster & Michel Bédard

Older carers in the UK: are there really gender differences? New analysis of the Individual Sample of Anonymised Records from the 2001 UK Census
Emilia Del Bono, Emanuela Sala & Ruth Hancock

Doubly deprived’: a post-death qualitative study of primary carers of people who died in Western Australia
Sharon Keesing, Lorna Rosenwax & Beverley McNamara

Burden of health-care of carers of children with sickle cell disease in Nigeria
B.J. Brown, J.O. Okereke, I.A. Lagunju, A.E. Orimadegun & O.O. Akinyinka

‘You opened our eyes’: care-giving after learning a child’s positive HIV status in rural South Africa
Elizabeth W. Kimani-Murage, Lenore Manderson, Shane A Norris & Kathleen Kahn

Bereaved informal cancer carers making sense of their palliative care experiences at home
W. K. Tim Wong & Jane Ussher

Coming out to care: gay and lesbian carers’ experiences of dementia services
Elizabeth Price

The impacts of short break provision on families with a disabled child: an international literature review
Janet Robertson, Chris Hatton, Emma Wells et al.

‘It’s the system working for the system’: carers’ experiences of learning disability services in Ireland
Andrew Power

We share the care: family caregivers’ experiences of their older relative receiving home support services
Joanie Sims-Gould & Anne Martin-Matthews

Mental Health Virtual Issue– April 2013

Ingalill Rahm Hallberg

The economic consequences of deinstitutionalisation of mental health services: lessons from a systematic review of European experience
Knapp M, Beecham J, McDaid D, Matosevic T & Smith M

Social deprivation and the outcomes of crisis resolution and home treatment for people with mental health problems: a historical cohort study
Kingsford R & Webber M

Psychiatric morbidity and people’s experience of and response to social problems involving rights
Balmer N, Pleasence P & Buck A

Self-care in mental health services: a narrative review
Lucock M, Gillard S, Adams K, Simons L, White R & Ewards C

SESAMI study of employment support for people with severe mental health problems: 12-month outcomes
Schneider J, Slade J, Secker J, Rinaldi M, Boyce M, Johnson R, Floyd M & Grove B

Oral health problems and support as experienced by people with severe mental illness living in community-based subsidised housing – a qualitative study
Persson K, Olin E & Östman M

Staff experience and understanding of working with abused women suffering from mental illness
Bengtsson-Tops A, Saveman B-I, and Tops D

Interlocking oppressions: the effect of a comorbid physical disability on perceived stigma and discrimination among mental health consumers in Canada
Bahm A & Forchuk C

Service-user and carer perspectives on compliance and compulsory treatment in community mental health services
Gault I

Improving transfer of mental health care for rural and remote consumers in South Australia
Taylor J, Edwards J, Kelly F & Fielke K

An interpretative phenomenological analysis of African Caribbean women’s experiences and management of emotional distress
Sisley E, Hutton JM, Goodbody L & Brown SL