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Edited By: Danny Altmann

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Top 20 downloaded articles, 2014

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Dengue virus infection: current concepts in immune mechanisms and lessons from murine models
Rodrigo Guabiraba and Bernhard Ryffel

Interleukin-17A: a unique pathway in immune-mediated diseases: psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Bruce W. Kirkham, Arthur Kavanaugh and Kristian Reich

Human dendritic cell subsets
Matthew Collin, Naomi McGovern and Muzlifah Haniffa

The immunosuppressive tumour network: myeloid-derived suppressor cells, regulatory T cells and natural killer T cells
Dennis Lindau, Paul Gielen, Michiel Kroesen, Pieter Wesseling and Gosse J. Adema

Autophagy in the immune system
Daniel J. Puleston and Anna Katharina Simon

Subsets of human natural killer cells and their regulatory effects
Binqing Fu, Zhigang Tian and Haiming Wei

The mTOR pathway and integrating immune regulation
Stephen P. Cobbold

The role of pro-resolution lipid mediators in infectious disease
Clark D. Russell and Jürgen Schwarze

Inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases – an update
Sandra Amor, Laura A. N. Peferoen, Daphne Y. S. Vogel, Marjolein Breur, Paul van der Valk, David Baker and Johannes M. van Noort

The microbiome and regulation of mucosal immunity
Andrew J. McDermott and Gary B. Huffnagle

Different subsets of natural killer T cells may vary in their roles in health and disease
Vipin Kumar and Terry L. Delovitch

T-cell memory differentiation: insights from transcriptional signatures and epigenetics
Ben Youngblood, J. Scott Hale and Rafi Ahmed

Mast cells, glia and neuroinflammation: partners in crime?
Stephen D. Skaper, Laura Facci and Pietro Giusti

Emerging role of interleukin-33 in autoimmune diseases
Cheng Pei, Mark Barbour, Karen J. Fairlie-Clarke, Debbie Allan, Rong Mu and Hui-Rong Jiang

Group 2 innate lymphoid cells in lung inflammation
Bobby W. S. Li and Rudi W. Hendriks

Adipose tissue-resident regulatory T cells: phenotypic specialization, functions and therapeutic potential
Daniela Cipolletta

Can we switch microglia's phenotype to foster neuroprotection? Focus on multiple sclerosis
Debora Giunti, Benedetta Parodi, Christian Cordano, Antonio Uccelli and Nicole Kerlero de Rosbo

Role of miR-155 in the regulation of lymphocyte immune function and disease
Nabila Seddiki, Vedran Brezar, Nicolas Ruffin, Yves Lévy and Sanjay Swaminathan

Oligodendrocyte-microglia cross-talk in the central nervous system
Laura Peferoen, Markus Kipp, Paul van der Valk, Johannes M. van Noort and Sandra Amor

Anti-tumour strategies aiming to target tumour-associated macrophages
Xiaoqiang Tang, Chunfen Mo, Yongsheng Wang, Dandan Wei and Hengyi Xiao