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Edited By: Danny Altmann

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Epigenetics Review Series

Focus on Epigenetic Control of Host Defence
Guest Editor: Mathias Merkenschlager

The cells of the immune system, and lymphocytes in particular, have a wide spectrum of programmatic choices when faced with stimuli such as invading pathogens. As a result lymphocytes are great model systems to study cell lineage choice and the regulation of gene expression. In addition to transcription factors, lineage choice and gene regulation are controlled by epigenetic mechanisms: modifications that do not alter the sequence of DNA, but rather change the chemical properties of DNA or the composition and post-translational modifications of proteins, RNA and other molecules that package DNA into chromatin. The power of epigenetic mechanisms is illustrated by the ability of pathogens to subvert host defences by undermining epigenetic mechanisms. In view of our growing understanding of epigenetic mechanisms, now is a good time to consider what epigenetics can teach us about the workings of the immune system. In this focus 8 illustrious researchers in immunology, haematology and epigenetics including Sudha Rao, Rafi Ahmed, George Lacaud, Pierre Ferrier and John O’Shea discuss our current understanding of epigenetic control of host defences.

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Focus on epigenetic control of host defence: editorial
Matthias Merkenschlager

Epigenetic aspects of lymphocyte antigen receptor gene rearrangement or ‘when stochasticity completes randomness'
Sébastien Jaeger, Bastien Fernandez and Pierre Ferrier

Roles of repressive epigenetic machinery in lineage decision of T cells
Taku Naito and Ichiro Taniuchi

Why detailed model gene studies in higher eukaryotes are still necessary
Constanze Bonifer

The MYSTerious MOZ, a histone acetyltransferase with a key role in haematopoiesis
Flor M. Perez-Campo, Guilherme Costa, Michael Lie-a-Ling, Valerie Kouskoff,Georges Lacaud

T-cell memory differentiation: insights from transcriptional signatures and epigenetics
Ben Youngblood, J. Scott Hale, Rafi Ahmed

Epigenetic regulation of inducible gene expression in the immune system
Pek Siew Lim, Jasmine Li, Adele F Holloway, Sudha Rao

Transcription factors and CD4 T cells seeking identity: masters, minions, setters and spikers
Golnaz Vahedi, Yuka Kanno, Vittorio Sartorelli, John J. O'Shea

Regulators of chromatin state and transcription in CD4 T-cell polarization
Steven Z Josefowicz