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Keystone Symposia Collection

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Mutations, Malignancy and Memory – Antibodies and Immunity
Cell Death Pathways: Beyond Apoptosis
Viral Immunity and Host Gene Influence
Molecular Basis of Vascular Inflammation & Atherosclerosis

Mutations, Malignancy and Memory – Antibodies and Immunity

B-cell agonists up-regulate AID and APOBEC3G deaminases, which induce IgA and IgG class antibodies and anti-viral function
Thomas Seidl, Trevor Whittall, Kaboutar Babaahmady, Thomas Lehner

Accumulation of B1-like B cells in transgenic mice over-expressing catalytically inactive RAG1 in the periphery
Ashraf E. Hassaballa, Victoria L. Palmer, Dirk K. Anderson et al.

Cell Death Pathways: Beyond Apoptosis

Autophagy modulates the Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced cytokine response
Johanneke Kleinnijenhuis, Marije Oosting, Theo S. Plantinga et al.

Autophagy and adaptive immunity
Victoria L. Crotzer, Janice S. Blum

MHC class I dimer formation by alteration of the cellular redox environment and induction of apoptosis
Dinara Makhadiyeva, Lorraine Lam, Mohammad Moatari et al.

Following TRAIL’s path in the immune system
Christina Falschlehner, Uta Schaefer, Henning Walczak

Inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases
Sandra Amor, Fabiola Puentes, David Baker, Paul Van Der Valk

Viral Immunity and Host Gene Influence

Enhanced humoral and hla-a2-restricted dengue virus-specific t cell responses in humanized blt nsg mice
Smita Jaiswal, Pamela Pazoles, Marcia Woda et al.

T-cell-inducing vaccines – what’s the future
Sarah C. Gilbert

Cytomegalovirus infection induces the accumulation of short-lived, multifunctional CD4+ CD45RA+ CD27− T cells: the potential involvement of interleukin-7 in this process
Valentina Libri, Rita I. Azevedo, Sarah E. Jackson et al.

The tortoise and the hare: slowly evolving T-cell responses take hastily evolving
KIR Jeroen Van Bergen, Frits Koning

The emerging role of HLA-C in HIV-1 infection
Deanna A. Kulpa, Kathleen L. Collins

The memory phase of the CD4 T-cell response to influenza virus infection maintains its diverse antigen specificity
Katherine A. Richards, Francisco A. Chaves, Andrea J. Sant

Do multiple concurrent infections in African children cause irreversible immunological damage?
Sarah J. Glennie, Moffat Nyirenda, Neil A. Williams, Robert S. Heyderman

The regulation and role of T follicular helper cells in immunity
Elissa K. Deenick, Cindy S. Ma

Regulation of effector and memory T-cell functions by type I interferon
Jonathan P. Huber, J. David Farrar

Nature and nurture: T-cell receptor-dependent and T-cell receptor-independent differentiation cues in the selection of the memory T-cell pool
Chulwoo Kim, Matthew A. Williams

Diversity in immunological synapse structure
Timothy J. Thauland, David C. Parker

Molecular mechanisms of metabolic reprogramming in proliferating cells: implications for T cell-mediated immunity
F. M. Marelli-Berg, H. Fu and C. Mauro

Molecular Basis of Vascular Inflammation & Atherosclerosis

The chemokine CCL18 causes maturation of cultured monocytes to macrophages in the M2 spectrum
Ingrid U. Schraufstatter, Ming Zhao, Sophia K. Khaldoyanidi, Richard G. DiScipio

Molecular mechanisms of metabolic reprogramming in proliferating cells: implications for T cell-mediated immunity
F. M. Marelli-Berg, H. Fu and C. Mauro

Synthetic peptides containing ITIM-like sequences of IREM-1 inhibit BAFF-mediated regulation of interleukin-8 expression and phagocytosis through SHP-1 and/or PI3K
Sang-Min Lee, Eun-Ju Kim, Kyoungho Suk, Won-Ha Lee

Leukotriene C4 prevents the complete maturation of murine dendritic cells and modifies interleukin-12/interleukin-23 balance
Carolina Alvarez, María M. Amaral, Cecilia Langellotti, Mónica Vermeulen

Induction of interleukin-10 in the T helper type 17 effector population by the G protein coupled estrogen receptor (GPER) agonist G-1
Ryan L. Brunsing, Eric R. Prossnitz

Lipopolysaccharide induces H1 receptor expression and enhances histamine responsiveness in human coronary artery endothelial cells
Vineesh V. Raveendran, Xiaoyu Tan, Matthew E. Sweeney et al.

Lipopolysaccharide inhibits macrophage phagocytosis of apoptotic neutrophils by regulating the production of tumour necrosis factor α and growth arrest-specific gene 6
Xueying Feng, Tingting Deng, Yue Zhang et al.

Macrophages express membrane bound form of APRIL that can generate immunomodulatory signals
Sang-Min Lee, Sung-Tak Jeon, Kyoungho Suk, Won-Ha Lee

Stromal cells differentially regulate neutrophil and lymphocyte recruitment through the endothelium
Helen M. McGettrick, Christopher D. Buckley, Andrew Filer et al.