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Free Reviews

Angiogenic mechanisms of human dental pulp and their relationship with substance P expression in response to occlusal trauma
J. Caviedes-Bucheli, J. F. Gomez-Sosa, M. M. Azuero-Holguin, M. Ormeño-Gomez, V. Pinto-Pascual and H. R. Munoz

Use of micro-computed tomography for the assessment of periapical lesions in small rodents: a systematic review
N. G. Kalatzis-Sousa, R. Spin-Neto, A. Wenzel, M. Tanomaru-Filho and G. Faria

Strength of recommendation for single-visit root canal treatment: grading the body of the evidence using a patient-centred approach
G. De-Deus and A. Canabarro

Pulp sensibility and vitality tests for diagnosing pulpal health in permanent teeth: a critical review
R. A. Alghaithy and A. J. E. Qualtrough

Movement kinematics and cyclic fatigue of NiTi rotary instruments: a systematic review
F. Ferreira, C. Adeodato, I. Barbosa, L. Aboud, P. Scelza and M. Zaccaro Scelza

Assessment of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate pulpotomy in mature permanent teeth with carious exposures
N. A. Taha, M. B. Ahmad and A. Ghanim

Mineral trioxide aggregate pulpotomy for permanent molars with clinical signs indicative of irreversible pulpitis: a preliminary study
M. A. Qudeimat, A. Alyahya and A. A. Hasan, K. M. Barrieshi-Nusair

Antibiotics in Endodontics: A review
J J Segura-Egea, K Gould, B Hakan Şen, P Jonasson, E Cotti, A Mazzoni, H Sunay, L Tjäderhane and P M H Dummer

Prevalence and nature of fungi in root canal infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis
I.F. Persoon, W. Crielaard and A.R. Özok

Site-specific function and regulation of Osterix in tooth root formation
Y. D. He, B. D. Sui, M. Li, J. Huang, S. Chen and L. A. Wu

Are posts necessary for the restoration of root filled teeth with limited tissue loss? A structured review of laboratory and clinical studies
I. L. Aurélio, S. Fraga, M. P. Rippe and L. F. Valandro

The influence of methodological variables on the push-out resistance to dislodgement of root filling materials: a meta-regression analysis
F. M. Collares, F. F. Portella, S. B. Rodrigues et al.

Accessory roots and root canals in human anterior teeth: a review and clinical considerations
H. M. A. Ahmed and A. A. Hashem

Detection accuracy of root fractures in cone-beam computed tomography images: a systematic review and meta-analysis
R. H. Ma, Z. P. Ge and G. Li

Stem cell-based pulp tissue engineering: variables enrolled in translation from the bench to the bedside, a systematic review of literature
M. C. M. Conde, L. A. Chisini, F. F. Demarco et al.

Formation of a hard tissue barrier after experimental pulp capping or partial pulpotomy in humans: an updated systematic review
H. Fransson, E. Wolf and K. Petersson

Epigenetic modulation of dental pulp stem cells: implications for regenerative endodontics
H. F. Duncan, A. J. Smith, G. J. P. Fleming and P. R. Cooper

The influence of two reciprocating single-file and two rotary-file systems on the apical extrusion of debris and its biological relationship with symptomatic apical periodontitis. A systematic review and meta-analysis
J. Caviedes-Bucheli, F. Castellanos, N. Vasquez, E. Ulate and H. R. Munoz

A review of instrumentation kinematics of engine-driven nickel–titanium instruments
I. D. Capar and H. Arslan

Master apical file size - smaller or larger: a systematic review of microbial reduction
A. Aminoshariae and J. Kulild

Cone beam computed tomography in Endodontics – a review
S. Patel, C. Durack, F. Abella, H. Shemesh, M. Roig and K. Lemberg

Aetiology, incidence and morphology of the C-shaped root canal system and its impact on clinical endodontics
A. Kato, A. Ziegler, N. Higuchi, K. Nakata, H. Nakamura and N. Ohno

HEMA-induced cytotoxicity: oxidative stress, genotoxicity and apoptosis
M. Gallorini, A. Cataldi and V. di Giacomo

Regeneration of the dentine–pulp complex with revitalization/revascularization therapy: challenges and hopes
L. M. Lin, D. Ricucci and G. T.-J. Huang

The role of IL-6 on apical periodontitis: a systematic review
M. M. Azuma, R. O. Samuel, J. E. Gomes-Filho, E. Dezan-Junior and L. T. A. Cintra

Brain injury due to anaphylactic shock: broadening manifestations of Kounis syndrome
G. D. Soufras, G. N. Kounis and N. G. Kounis

Osmolarity and root canal antiseptics
G. Rossi-Fedele and A. R. Guastalli

Revascularization of immature permanent teeth with apical periodontitis
M. C. Moreno-Hidalgo, C. Caleza-Jimenez, A. Mendoza-Mendoza and A. Iglesias-Linares

Apical extrusion of debris: a literature review of an inherent occurrence during root canal treatment
J. Tanalp and T. Güngör

Anatomical challenges, electronic working length determination and current developments in root canal preparation of primary molar teeth
H. M. A. Ahmed

Diabetes mellitus and inflammatory pulpal and periapical disease: a review
S. M. F. Lima, D. C. Grisi, E. M. Kogawa, O. L. Franco, V. C. Peixoto, J. F. Gonçalves-Júnior, M. P. Arruda, T. M. B. Rezende

Factors affecting irrigant extrusion during root canal irrigation: a systematic review
C. Boutsioukis, Z. Psimma and L. W. M. van der Slui

Retrospective follow-up assessment of prognostic variables associated with the outcome of periradicular surgery
P. A. Villa-Machado, X. Botero-Ramírez and S. I. Tobón-Arroyave

External cervical resorption: an analysis using cone beam and microfocus computed tomography and scanning electron microscopy
V. Gunst, A. Mavridou, B. Huybrechts, G. Van Gorp, L. Bergmans, P. Lambrechts

Diabetes mellitus and inflammatory pulpal and periapical disease: a review
S. M. F. Lima, D. C. Grisi, E. M. Kogawa, O. L. Franco, V. C. Peixoto, J. F. Gonçalves-Júnior, M. P. Arruda, T. M. B. Rezende

Factors affecting irrigant extrusion during root canal irrigation: a systematic review
C. Boutsioukis, Z. Psimma and L. W. M. van der Sluis

Determination of working length for teeth with wide or immature apices: a review
Y.-J. A. Kim and N. P. Chandler

The effect of surface tension reduction on the clinical performance of sodium hypochlorite in endodontics
G. Rossi-Fedele, J. W. Prichard, L. Steier and J. A. P. de Figueiredo

Efficacy of lasers as an adjunct to chemo-mechanical disinfection of infected root canals: a systematic review
H. Fransson, K. M. Larsson and E. Wolf

Is there sufficient evidence to support the long-term efficacy of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) for endodontic therapy in primary teeth?
R. P. Anthonappa, N. M. King and L. C. Martens

Mandibular first molars with disto-lingual roots: review and clinical management
F. Abella, S. Patel, F. Durán-Sindreu, M. Mercadé and M. Roig

Discolouration potential of endodontic procedures and materials: a review
H. M. A. Ahmed and P. V. Abbott

Radiological diagnosis of periapical bone tissue lesions in endodontics: a systematic review
A. Petersson, S. Axelsson, T. Davidson, F. Frisk, M. Hakeberg, T. Kvist, A. Norlund, I. Mejàre, I. Portenier, H. Sandberg, S. Tranæus and G. Bergenholtz

Interactions between immune system and mesenchymal stem cells in dental pulp and periapical tissues
J. G. Leprince, B. D. Zeitlin, M. Tolar and O. A. Peters

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