International Journal of Food Science & Technology

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Edited By: Charles Brennan

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 62/130 (Food Science & Technology)

Online ISSN: 1365-2621

Virtual Issue - Chinese Food Science and Technology

Chinese Food Science and Technology
Guest Editors: Dr. Hua Kuang, Prof. Libing Wang and Prof. Chuanlai Xu

In this issue a collection of papers demonstrating the range and depth of Food Research in China is presented. China is a growing powerhouse in the world in many areas of which one is Scientific Research. Food Science is major field in Chinese Research. It is hoped these papers will provide readers with a greater understanding of significance of Chinese Food Science and Technology Studies.

Fluorescence polarisation immunoassay based on a monoclonal antibody for the detection of sulphamethazine in chicken muscle
Suxia Zhang, Zhanhui Wang, Irina S. Nesterenko, Sergei A. Eremin & Jianzhong Shen

A novel method for the determination of sodium chloride insalted fish
Yinliang Zhang, & Wenshui Xia

Determination of the veterinary drug maduramicin in food by fluorescence polarisation immunoassay
Zhanhui Wang, Suxia Zhang, Nailya R. Murtazina, Sergei A. Eremin & Jianzhong Shen

Determination of lactulose in foods: a review of recent research
Zhong Zhang, Ruijin Yang, He Wang, Fayin Ye, Sha Zhang and Xiao Hua

Rapid and sensitive determination of formaldehyde in some beverages and foods by flow-injection fluorimetric analysis
Xiao-Qing Zhao & Zhi-Qi Zhang

Analysis of chemical components in green tea in relation with perceived quality, a case study with Longjing teas
Kunbo Wang & Jianyun Ruan

Determination of phytic acid in cereals-a brief review
Peng Wu, Ji-Chun Tian, C. E. (Chuck) Walker and Feng-Cheng Wang

Selection of reference genes in peanut seed by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction
Shengjuan Jiang, Yujun Sun and Songhua Wang

Study on rapid quantitative detection of total bacterial counts by the ATP-bioluminescence and application in probiotic products
Huiqing Wu, Qingping Wu, Jumei Zhang, Chengsi Li and Ziguang Huang

Immunoaffinity removal and immunoassay for rhodamine B in chilli powder
Shanshan Song, Fei Lin, Liqiang Liu, Hua Kuang, Libing Wang & Chuanlai Xu

Determination of ethyl carbamate in Chinese yellow rice wine using high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection
Ming-liang Fu, Jing Liu, Qi-he Chen, Xiao-jie Liu, Guo-qing He & Ji-cheng Chen

Simultaneous determination of theanine, gallic acid, purine alkaloids, catechins, and theaflavins in black tea using HPLC
Yuanyuan Wang, Xiaorong Yang, Kaikai Li, Chengren Li, Linlin Li, Jiaxian Li, Hualin Huang, Yumei He, Chuangxing Ye & Xiaohong Song

A novel spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of lactulose in food industries
Zhong Zhang, He Wang, Ruijin Yang & Xiaoyan Jiang

Analysis of chemical components in oolong tea in relation to perceived quality
Kunbo Wang, Fang Liu, Zhonghua Liu, Jianan Huang, Zhongxi Xu, Yinhua Li, Jinhua Chen, Yushun Gong & Xinghe Yang

Enantioselective determination of cypermethrin in pig muscle tissue by immunoaffinity extraction and high performance liquid chromatography
Hua Kuang, Hong Miao, Yongning Wu, Jianzhong Shen & Chuanlai Xu

Isolation of DNA from genetically modified oils by fast protein liquid chromatography
Li Huang, Yan Chen, Ya Wang, Jian Pan & Yuan Tong

Mass spectrometric determination of dabsyl-chloride derivatised anserine, carnosine and taurine in commercial chicken essences
Yi-Hong Chen, Ya-Ping Lin, Su-Er Liou and Chu-Chin Chen

The determination of amino acids composition of the traditional food Potentilla anserina L. root by high-performance liquid chromatography via fluorescent detection and mass spectrometry
Lian Xia & Jinmao You

Comparison of catechins and volatile compounds among different types of tea using high performance liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph mass spectrometer
Kunbo Wang, Fang Liu, Zhonghua Liu, Jianan Huang, Zhongxi Xu, Yinhua Li, Jinhua Chen, Yushun Gong & Xinghe Yang

A review of recent studies in China on the possible beneficial health effects of tea
Yong-xing Zhu, Herve Huang & You-ying Tu