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Edited By: Charles Brennan

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Virtual Issue - Rheology

Guest Editor: Niall Young FIFST

The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) bears its duty to communicate the latest food science knowledge of all natures out to its members and the larger food science community with pride, responsibility and acumen. In doing so, one cannot ignore the field of rheology, which in itself, is not a key business within food science, but is key to the business of food science! Therefore, it is a pleasure to introduce this special on-line issue of the institute’s journal featuring rheology.

The articles brought together for this special on-line issue of the International Journal of Food Science and Technology (IJFST), have been chosen because they aptly demonstrate the importance of sound robust academic science, whilst clearly linking and applying that science to real food systems. The articles all either describe state-of-the-art new technology and thinking, or apply fundamental food science to food in a real and practical manner, which is of direct benefit to the food industry.

The articles demonstrate how rheology is used, typically in association with other techniques forming a multidisciplinary palate of data to quantify material properties, provide insight and understanding of the system being studied, elucidate predictive tools to aid product development, and arm the scientist with the foresight and perspicacity to drive their innovation forward to create new value for their research group or company. Such articles are evidence of the alchemic combination of ideas and interpretation to create innovative insights which generate profit and pioneer the way forward for new knowledge to spring forth.

Hand in hand with our authors IJFST puts you in the forefront of industrially relevant academic science, not just in this issue but every month. I trust you will enjoy this collection of papers, covering breads, fat-based systems, culinary systems, dairy systems and beverages, which have all appeared in IJFST within the last 4 years, and appreciate too the fundamental role that rheology plays in deciding the success of the food industry.

Niall Young, FIFST
Associate Editor International Journal of Food Science & Technology
Professor, and Principle Scientist, Danisco A/S, Brabrand, Denmark

Dough and crumb grain changes during mixing and fermentation and their relation with extension properties and bread quality of yeasted sweet dough
Alma D. Tlapale-Valdivia, Jorge Chanona-Pérez, Rosalva Mora-Escobedo, Reynold R. Farrera-Rebollo, Gustavo F. Gutiérrez-López and Georgina Calderón-Domínguez

Batter rheology and bread texture of sorghum-based gluten-free formulations modified with native or pregelatinised cassava starch and α-amylase
Calvin Onyango, Christopher Mutungi, Günter Unbehend and Meinolf G. Lindhauer

Wheat dough rheology and bread quality effected by Lactobacillus brevis preferment, dry sourdough and lactic acid addition
Daliborka Koceva Komlenić, Žaneta Ugarčić-Hardi, Marko Jukić, Mirela Planinić, Ana Bucić-Kojić and Ivica Strelec

The effects of different materials as dough improvers for organic whole wheat bread
Hüseyin Boz, Mehmet Murat Karaoğlu, Halis Gürbüz Kotancilar and Kamil Emre Gerçekaslan

Effect of sesame protein isolate in partial replacement of milk protein on the rheological, textural and microstructural characteristics of fresh cheese
Xiaoming Lu, Dennis Schmitt and Shangwu Chen

Comparison of full-fat and low-fat cheese analogues with or without pectin gel through microstructure, texture, rheology, thermal and sensory analysis
He Liu, Xue Ming Xu and Shi Dong Guo

The effect of pectin concentration on viscoelastic and sensory properties of processed cheese
Ivana Macků, František Buňka, Vladimír Pavlínek, Petra Leciánová and Jan Hrabě

Effect of different starches on rheological and microstructural properties of (I) model processed cheese
Darshan Trivedi, Rod J. Bennett, Yacine Hemar, David C. W. Reid, Siew Kim Lee and David Illingworth

Effect of different starches on rheological and microstructural properties of (II) commercial processed cheese
Darshan Trivedi, Rod J. Bennett, Yacine Hemar, David C. W. Reid, Siew Kim Lee and David Illingworth

Carbohydrate-based fat replacers in the modification of the rheological, textural and sensory quality of yoghurt: comparative study of the utilisation of barley beta-glucan, guar gum and inulin
Charles S. Brennan and Carmen M. Tudorica

Effect of fat and non-fat dry matter of milk, and starter type, on the rheological properties of set during the coagulation process
Özlem Gün and Nursel Develi Işıklı

The rheological properties of ketchup as a function of different hydrocolloids and temperature
Arash Koocheki, Amir Ghandi, Seyed M. A. Razavi, Seyed Ali Mortazavi and Todor Vasiljevic

Stability and rheological behaviour of salad dressing obtained with whey and different combinations of stabilizers
Vânia De Cássia da Fonseca, Charles Windson Isidoro Haminiuk, Dayane Rosalyn Izydoro, Nina Waszczynskyj, Agnes De Paula Scheer and Maria-Rita Sierakowski

Rheological properties of Josapine pineapple juice at different stages of maturity
Rosnah Shamsudin, Wan Ramli Wan Daud, Mohd Sobri Takrif, Osman Hassan and Coskan Ilicali

Fracture properties of potato crisps
F. J. Rojo and J. F. V. Vincent

Comparison of rheological models for determining dark chocolate viscosity
Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, Alistair Paterson, Mark Fowler and Joselio Vieira

Influence of emulsion composition on lubrication capacity and texture perception
Mélanie Bellamy, Nicolas Godinot, Stefano Mischler, Nathalie Martin and Christoph Hartmann

Monitoring struturants of fat blends with ultrasound based in-line rheometry (ultrasonic velocity profiling with pressure difference)
Niall W. G. Young, Paul Wassell, Johan Wiklund and Mats Stading

Ultrasound Doppler based in-line viscosity and solid fat profile measurement of fat blends
Paul Wassell, Johan Wiklund, Mats Stading, Graham Bonwick, Christopher Smith, Eva Almiron-Roig and Niall W. G. Young