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Summary Statement

Last updated: November 2015

All manuscripts must include a Summary Statement*.

Please use the following guidelines:

To be headed SUMMARY STATEMENT and put on a separate, but numbered, page after your abstract. The three headings should be in bold:

• Why is this research or review needed?
• What are the key findings?
• How should the findings be used to influence policy/practice/research/education?

• Under each heading, there should be 2-3 bullet points.
• Each bullet point should be concise, with between 20 and 30 words in each and ending with a full stop.
• Each bullet point should stand alone as a meaningful statement (i.e. not needing to rely on preceding statements) and be written in proper sentences.
• All bullet points should be derived from the content of the paper and be supported by the evidence presented in the paper.
• The summary statement should not contain abbreviations (except for a few that are self-explanatory and universally understood, e.g. HIV/AIDS)
• No references should be included.
• Colloquial terms and local details should not be included, and nor should the paper's country of origin (unless that is essential, pertinent information). Instead the statements should be framed globally.
• Statements in the 2nd group ('What are the key findings?') should emphasise what the work adds to knowledge rather than just provide a list of findings.
• Statements under the 3rd heading are necessarily prescriptive, therefore using words such as ‘should’, but they must be based on evidence that is presented in the paper.

*Please note that for Protocols and Pilot Studies the Summary Statement should be 2-3 bullet points under the heading: 'Why this study or review is needed'.