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VI: Workforce and Quality Care

Workforce and Quality Care
April 2013

The Francis report into poor care standards in a large UK hospital raised several issues for nursing – one of which is how the management, organisation and development of the nursing workforce has an impact on patient care.

This virtual issue of the JAN presents a set of papers providing interesting perspectives on this topic. At the heart of many instances of poor care is the issue of nursing leadership and professionalism. Nursing teams need to be well led and organised; this is self-evident, but how professionalism can be instilled through nursing leadership is an important consideration. Furthermore, poor communication by nurses has been high on the list of patient concerns for decades – often accompanied by a ‘lack of time’ rationale by practitioners – but studies to explore how ‘time’ is conceptualised and can be re-focussed on communication are limited. Inadequate skill mix and low staffing levels are also often provided as explanations for poor care outcomes, however, evidence that more registered nurses equals better care is essential if nurses are to make a strong claim on usually limited staffing resources.

The papers in this virtual issue make a substantial contribution to these issues – exploring how nursing leaders can inspire professionalism and empower nurses, how skill mix can lead to objectively measured improved care outcomes and how nursing work can be re-organised to address and improve communication with patients.

Mark Hayter
Editor, JAN

The UK Francis Report: the key messages for nursing
Mark Hayter

Papers Impact of professionalism in nursing on in-hospital bedside monitoring practice
Gitte Bunkenborg, Karin Samuelson, Jonas Akeson & Ingrid Poulsen

Promoting patient care: work engagement as a mediator between ward service climate and patient-centred care
Nasra Abdelhadi & Anat Drach-Zahavy

Authentic leadership, performance, and job satisfaction: the mediating role of empowerment
Carol A. Wong & Heather K.S. Laschinger

The economic benefits of increased levels of nursing care in the hospital setting
Diane E. Twigg, Elizabeth A. Geelhoed, Alexandra P. Bremner and Christine M. Duffield

The relationships between communication, care and time are intertwined: a narrative inquiry exploring the impact of time on registered nurses' work
Engle Angela Chan, Aled Jones and Kitty Wong

Impact of skill mix variations on patient outcomes following implementation of nursing hours per patient day staffing: a retrospective study
Di Twigg, Christine Duffield, Alexandra Bremner, Pat Rapley & Judith Finn