Journal of Sleep Research

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Edited By: Derk-Jan Dijk

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2013: 61/194 (Clinical Neurology); 125/251 (Neurosciences)

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Daytime continuous polysomnography predicts MSLT results in hypersomnias of central origin
Fabio Pizza, Keivan K Moghadam, Stefano Vandi, Stefania Detto, Francesca Poli, et al.
Volume 22, Issue 1

Clinical, polysomnographic and genome-wide association analyses of narcolepsy with cataplexy: a European Narcolepsy Network study
Gianina Luca, Jose Haba-Rubio, Yves Dauvilliers, Gert-Jan Lammers, Sebastiaan Overeem, et al.
Volume 22, Issue 5

Narcolepsy and pregnancy: a retrospective European evaluation of 249 pregnancies
Eszter Maurovich-Horvat, David Kemlink, Birgit Hoegl, Birgit Frauscher, Laura Ehrmann, et al.
Volume 22, Issue 5

Sleep endoscopy with simulation bite for prediction of oral appliance treatment outcome
Anneclaire V. M. T. Vroegop, Olivier M Vanderveken, Marijke Dieltjens, Kristien Wouters, Vera Saldien, et al.
Volume 22, Issue 3

The impact of prolonged violent video-gaming on adolescent sleep: an experimental study
Daniel L. King, Michael Gradisar, Aaron Drummond, Nicole Lovato, Jason Wessel, et al.
Volume 22, Issue 2

Circadian period and the timing of melatonin onset in men and women: predictors of sleep during the weekend and in the laboratory
Alpar S. Lazar, Nayantara Santhi, Sibah Hasan, June C-Y Lo, Jonathan D. Johnston, et al.
Volume 22, Issue 2

Sustained sleep fragmentation affects brain temperature, food intake and glucose tolerance in mice
Maxime O. Baud, Pierre J. Magistretti, Jean-Marie Petit
Volume 22, Issue 1

Genetic factors in evolution of sleep length - a longitudinal twin study in Finnish adults
Christer Hublin, Markku Partinen, Markku Koskenvuo, Jaakko Kaprio
Volume 22, Issue 5

Sleep patterns and insomnia among adolescents: a population-based study
Mari Hysing, Stale Pallesen, Kjell M. Stormark, Astri J. Lundervold, Borge Sivertsen
Volume 22, Issue 5

Objective measures of sleep and dim light melatonin onset in adolescents and young adults with delayed sleep phase disorder compared to healthy controls
Ingvild W. Saxvig, Ane Wilhelmsen-Langeland, Stale Pallesen, Oystein Vedaa, Inger H. Nordhus, et al.
Volume 22, Issue 4