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Loss of digging mammals linked to ecosystem decline

The rapid loss of foraging animals such as bilbies, bandicoots and potoroos since the European colonisation of Australia has been linked to ecosystem decline, owing to the role they play in keeping land healthy.

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11th IMC Virtual Issue

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A11th International Mammalogical Congress Virtual Issue of Mammal Review on the occasion of the 11th International Mammalogical Congress

With this virtual issue, Mammal Review welcomed all participants to the 11th International Mammalogical Congress in Belfast and presents remarkable reviews published in the Journal since the last ICM in Mendoza 2009. We hope that Mammal Review contributes to help the International Federation of Mammalogists to fulfill it’s mission, namely to foster the knowledge dissemination and discussion among mammal researcher worldwide. Read more

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Sexual conflict in mammals: consequences for mating systems and life history
Edith D. Aloise King, Peter B. Banks and Robert C. Brooks

Responses of cetaceans to anthropogenic noise
Douglas P. Nowacek, Lesley H. Thorne, David W. Johnston and Peter L. Tyack

Ecological impact of beavers Castor fiber and Castor canadensis and their ability to modify ecosystems
Frank Rosell, Orsolya Bozsér, Peter Collen and Howard Parker

Mammalian hybrid zones: a review
Quinn R. Shurtliff

A comparison and critique of different scat-analysis methods for determining carnivore diet
Unn Klare, Jan F. Kamler and David W. Macdonald