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Virtual Issue - Culicoides

Barcoding of biting midges in the genus Culicoides: a tool for species determination

M. Ander, K. Troell and J. Chirico

Susceptibility of Culicoides species biting midges to deltamethrin-treated nets as determined under laboratory and field conditions in the Balearic Islands, Spain

R. Del Río, C. Barceló, C. Paredes-Esquivel, J. Lucientes and M. A. Miranda

Larval development and emergence sites of farm-associated Culicoides in the United Kingdom

L. E. Harrup, B. V. Purse, N. Golding, P. S. Mellor and S. Carpenter

First detection of endosymbiotic bacteria in biting midges Culicoides pulicaris and Culicoides punctatus, important Palaearctic vectors of bluetongue virus

S. E. Lewis, A. Rice, G. D. D. Hurst and M. Baylis

Phenotypic differentiation and phylogenetic signal of wing shape in western European biting midges, Culicoides spp., of the subgenus Avaritia

F. Muñoz-Muñoz , S. Talavera, S. Carpenter, S. A. Nielsen, D. Werner and N. Pagès

Assessment of the risk of a bluetongue outbreak in Europe caused by Culicoides midges introduced through intracontinental transport and trade networks

S. Napp, I. García-Bocanegra, N. Pagès, A. Allepuz, A. Alba and J. Casal

Estimating Culicoides sonorensis biting midge abundance using digital image analysis

C. J. Osborne, C. E. Mayo, B. A. Mullens and N. J. Maclachlan

Molecular identification of bloodmeals and species composition in Culicoides biting midges

E. Pettersson, S. Bensch, M. Ander, J. Chirico, R. Sigvald and R. Ignell

Farms, pastures and woodlands: the fine-scale distribution of Palearctic Culicoides spp. biting midges along an agro-ecological gradient

T. Rigot, M. Vercauteren Drubbel, J.-C. Delécolle and M. Gilbert

Principal climatic and edaphic determinants of Culicoides biting midge abundance during the 2007–2008 bluetongue epidemic in the Netherlands, based on OVI light trap data

F. Scolamacchia, J. Van Den Broek, R. Meiswinkel, J. A. P. Heesterbeek and A. R. W. Elbers

Sensilla coeloconica ringed by microtrichia in host-seeking biting midges

A. Urbanek, M. Piotrowicz, R. Szadziewski and W. Gi Łka

Host preferences of Palaearctic Culicoides biting midges: implications for transmission of orbiviruses

E. Viennet , C. Garros, L. Gardès, I. Rakotoarivony, X. Allène, R. Lancelot, D. Crochet, C. Moulia, T. Baldet and T. Balenghien