Medical Education

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Medical Education in Review Virtual Issue

Medical Education in Review

Methods of teaching medical trainees evidence-based medicine: a systematic review
Dragan Ilic and Stephen Maloney

Interprofessional education in allied health: a systematic review
Rebecca Olson and Andrea Bialocerkowski

Computer-based teaching module design: principles derived from learning theories
K H Vincent Lau

Professionalism education should reflect reality: findings from three health professions
Bryan Burford, Gill Morrow, Charlotte Rothwell, Madeline Carter and Jan Illing

A critical review of simulation-based mastery learning with translational outcomes
William C McGaghie, Saul B Issenberg, Jeffrey H Barsuk and Diane B Wayne

Debriefing for technology-enhanced simulation: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Adam Cheng, Walter Eppich, Vincent Grant, Jonathan Sherbino, Benjamin Zendejas and David A Cook

How much evidence does it take? A cumulative meta-analysis of outcomes of simulation-based education
David A Cook

Overview of the world's medical schools: an update
Robbert J Duvivier, John R Boulet, Amy Opalek, Marta van Zanten and John Norcini

Key-feature questions for assessment of clinical reasoning: a literature review
Patricia Hrynchak, Susan Glover Takahashi and Marla Nayer

Medical student depression, anxiety and distress outside North America: a systematic review
Valerie Hope and Max Henderson

Professionalism: a framework to guide medical education
Howard Brody and David Doukas

Multiple mini-interviews: same concept, different approaches
Mirjana Knorr and Johanna Hissbach

What is reflection? A conceptual analysis of major definitions and a proposal of a five-component model
Quoc Dinh Nguyen, Nicolas Fernandez, Thierry Karsenti and Bernard Charlin

A review of teaching skills development programmes for medical students
Gregory E Marton, Brendan McCullough and Christopher J Ramnanan

A systematic review of validity evidence for checklists versus global rating scales in simulation-based assessment
Jonathan S Ilgen, Irene W Y Ma, Rose Hatala and David A Cook

Learning in student-run clinics: a systematic review
Tim Schutte, Jelle Tichelaar, Ramon S Dekker, Michiel A van Agtmael, Theo P G M de Vries and Milan C Richir

Self-regulated learning in simulation-based training: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Ryan Brydges, Julian Manzone, David Shanks, Rose Hatala, Stanley J Hamstra, Benjamin Zendejas and David A Cook

Reclaiming a theoretical orientation to reflection in medical education research: a critical narrative review
Stella L Ng, Elizabeth A Kinsella, Farah Friesen and Brian Hodges

Variables that affect the process and outcome of feedback, relevant for medical training: a meta-review
J M Monica van de Ridder, William C McGaghie, Karel M Stokking and Olle T J ten Cate

A fresh perspective on medical education: the lens of the arts
Jonathan Lake, Louise Jackson and Claire Hardman

Educational interventions for international medical graduates: a review and agenda
Matthew Lineberry, Amanda Osta, Michelle Barnes, Vildan Tas, Koffitse Atchon and Alan Schwartz

How to improve the teaching of clinical reasoning: a narrative review and a proposal
Henk G Schmidt and Sílvia Mamede

Spatial abilities and technical skills performance in health care: a systematic review
Jean Langlois, Christian Bellemare, Josée Toulouse and George A Wells

Implementation of competency-based medical education: are we addressing the concerns and challenges?
Richard E Hawkins, Catherine M Welcher, Eric S Holmboe, Lynne M Kirk, John J Norcini, Kenneth B Simons and Susan E Skochelak

The effectiveness of gynaecological teaching associates in teaching pelvic examination: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Paul P Smith, Shelina Choudhury and T Justin Clark