Medical Education

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Previously Published Cross-Cutting Edge Papers

Previously published Cross-cutting edge papers

Validity in work-based assessment: expanding our horizons
Marjan Govaerts & Cees P.M. van der Vleuten

Believing is seeing: how people's beliefs influence goals, emotions and behaviour
Pim W. Teunissen & Harold G.J. Bok

Cost analyses approaches in medical education: there are no simple solutions
Kieran Walsh et al

The role of non-verbal behaviour in racial disparities in health care: implications and solutions
Cynthia S Levine & Nalini Ambady

What does ‘race’ have to do with medical education research?
Linda Muzzin & Tim Mickleborough

Medicinal relationships: caring conversation
Lisa Mikesell

Rethinking programme evaluation in health professions education: beyond ‘did it work?’
Faizal Haji, Marie-Paule Morin & Kathryn Parker

Understanding and encouraging feedback-seeking behaviour: a literature review
Michiel Crommelinck & Frederik Anseel

Power, leadership and transformation: the physician’s potential for influence
Stewart Gabel

Conflict in medical teams: opportunity or danger?
Lindred L. Greer et al

What is happening under the surface? Power, conflict and the performance of medical teams
Rozemarijn Janss et al

Group processes in medical education: learning from social identity theory
Bryan Burford

Towards an understanding of resilience and its relevance to medical training
Amanda Howe et al

The application of the challenge point framework in medical education
Mark Guadagnoli et al

Improving cultural competence education: the utility of an intersectional framework
Karen Powell Sears

Becoming a caregiver: attachment theory and poorly performing doctors
Gwen Adshead

Strategies to Read and Learn: Overcoming Learning by Consumption
Danielle S McNamara

Applying the Science of Learning to Medical Education
Richard E Mayer

Making sense of differences between medical schools through Bourdieu’s concept of ‘field’
Caragh Brosnan

Feedback, the various tasks of the physician, and the feedforward alternative
Avraham N Kluger, Dina Van Dijk

Action Representations in Perception, Motor Control and Learning: Implications for medical education
Digby Elliott et al

Curiosity and Medical Education
Lawrence Dyche & Ronald M. Epstein

Nonconscious bias in medical decision-making: What can be done to reduce it?
Jeff Stone & Gordon B. Moskowitz

Medicine for the wandering mind: mind-wandering in medical practice
Jonathan Smallwood et al

Medical Schools from a political perspective: How political skills can improve leadership
Jonas Nordquist & R. Kevin Grigsby

Sociological interpretations of professionalism
Maria Athina Martimianakis et al

Smart strategies for doctors and doctors-in-training: heuristics in medicine
Odette Wegwarth et al

Generational changes and their impact in the classroom: teaching Generation Me
Jean M. Twenge

Test-enhanced learning in medical education
Douglas P. Larsen et al