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Edited By: John D. Helmann

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Associated Title(s): Cellular Microbiology

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Virtual Issue on Parasitology

Efflux of a range of antimalarial drugs and ‘chloroquine resistance reversers’ from the digestive vacuole in malaria parasites with mutant PfCRT
Adele M. Lehane and Kiaran Kirk

Trypanosoma brucei pteridine reductase 1 is essential for survival in vitro and for virulence in mice
Natasha Sienkiewicz, Han B. Ong and Alan H. Fairlamb

Characterization of a Leishmania stage-specific mitochondrial membrane protein that enhances the activity of cytochrome c oxidase and its role in virulence
Ranadhir Dey, Claudio Meneses, Poonam Salotra, Shaden Kamhawi, Hira L. Nakhasi and Robert Duncan

Transcription factor AP2-Sp and its target genes in malarial sporozoites
Masao Yuda, Shiroh Iwanaga, Shuji Shigenobu, Tomomi Kato and Izumi Kaneko

The essential neutral sphingomyelinase is involved in the trafficking of the variant surface glycoprotein in the bloodstream form of Trypanosoma brucei
Simon A. Young and Terry K. Smith

Epigenetic mechanisms regulate stage differentiation in the minimized protozoan Giardia lamblia
Sabrina Sonda, Laura Morf, Iveta Bottova, Hansruedi Baetschmann, Hubert Rehrauer, Amedeo Caflisch, Mohamed-Ali Hakimi and Adrian B. Hehl

The FACT subunit TbSpt16 is involved in cell cycle specific control of VSG expression sites in Trypanosoma brucei
Viola Denninger, Alexander Fullbrook, Mohamed Bessat, Klaus Ersfeld and Gloria Rudenko

New mechanistic insights into pre-protein transport across the second outermost plastid membrane of diatoms
Franziska Hempel, Gregor Felsner and Uwe G. Maier

Protein unfolding is an essential requirement for transport across the parasitophorous vacuolar membrane of Plasmodium falciparum
Nina Gehde, Corinna Hinrichs, Irine Montilla, Stefan Charpian, Klaus Lingelbach and Jude M. Przyborski

Identification of a glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchor-modifying β1-3 N-acetylglucosaminyl transferase in Trypanosoma brucei
Luis Izquierdo, Masayuki Nakanishi, Angela Mehlert, Greg Machray, Geoffrey J. Barton and Michael A. J. Ferguson

Major cysteine peptidases of Entamoeba histolytica are required for aggregation and digestion of erythrocytes but are dispensable for phagocytosis and cytopathogenicity
Henriette Irmer, Manuela Tillack, Laura Biller, Ghassan Handal, Matthias Leippe, Thomas Roeder, Egbert Tannich and Iris Bruchhaus

Trichomonas vaginalis: metronidazole and other nitroimidazole drugs are reduced by the flavin enzyme thioredoxin reductase and disrupt the cellular redox system. Implications for nitroimidazole toxicity and resistance
David Leitsch, Daniel Kolarich, Marina Binder, Johannes Stadlmann, Friedrich Altmann and Michael Duchêne

Complex inheritance of the plasmodial surface anion channel in a Plasmodium falciparum genetic cross
Abdulnaser Alkhalil, Ajay D. Pillai, Abdullah A. B. Bokhari, Akhil B. Vaidya and Sanjay A. Desai

Biochemical analysis of PIFTC3, the Trypanosoma brucei orthologue of nematode DYF-13, reveals interactions with established and putative intraflagellar transport components
Joseph B. Franklin and Elisabetta Ullu

Regulated maturation of malaria merozoite surface protein-1 is essential for parasite growth
Matthew A. Child, Christian Epp, Hermann Bujard and Michael J. Blackman

Cathepsin L occupies a vacuolar compartment and is a protein maturase within the endo/exocytic system of Toxoplasma gondii
Fabiola Parussini, Isabelle Coppens, Parag P. Shah, Scott L. Diamond and Vern B. Carruthers

Characterization of a novel organelle in Toxoplasma gondii with similar composition and function to the plant vacuole
Kildare Miranda, Douglas A. Pace, Roxana Cintron, Juliany C. F. Rodrigues, Jianmin Fang, Alyssa Smith, Peter Rohloff, Elvis Coelho, Felix De Haas, Wanderley De Souza, Isabelle Coppens, L. David Sibley and Silvia N. J. Moreno

Cooperativity between Plasmodium falciparum adhesive proteins for invasion into erythrocytes
Tiffany M. DeSimone, Cameron V. Jennings, Amy K. Bei, Christy Comeaux, Bradley I. Coleman, Philippe Refour, Tony Triglia, Janine Stubbs, Alan F. Cowman and Manoj T. Duraisingh

Analysis of structure and function of the giant protein Pf332 in Plasmodium falciparum
Anthony N. Hodder, Alexander G. Maier, Melanie Rug, Monica Brown, Mirja Hommel, Ivan Pantic, Marina Puig-de-Morales-Marinkovic, Brian Smith, Tony Triglia, James Beeson and Alan F. Cowman

Mitochondrial translation in absence of local tRNA aminoacylation and methionyl tRNAMet formylation in Apicomplexa
Paco Pino, Eric Aeby, Bernardo Javier Foth, Lilach Sheiner, Thierry Soldati, Andre Schneider and Dominique Soldati-Favre