Neurogastroenterology & Motility

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Edited By: Magnus Simren, Gary Mawe and Jim Galligan, Associate Editor(s): Sylvie Bradesi and Arjan Bredenoord

Impact Factor: 3.587

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2014: 25/76 (Gastroenterology & Hepatology); 44/192 (Clinical Neurology); 85/252 (Neurosciences)

Online ISSN: 1365-2982

Editorial Board

The editorial and peer review process is independent of the societies affiliated to the journal and publisher; The American Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society, the European Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society and Wiley have any editorial decision-making powers.

Whenever this is relevant to content being considered for publication, the editorial team declare their interests and affiliations.

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Basic Science Editor
James Galligan
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI, USA

Clinical Editor
Magnus Simren
Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Gothenburg, Sweden

Reviews Editor
Gary M Mawe
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT, USA

Associate Editors
Sylvie Bradesi (Basic Sciences)
Los Angeles CA, USA

Albert J Bredenoord (Clinical)
Academic Medical Center, NVMDL
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Journal Management Committee
David Grundy
Department of Biomedical Science
University of Sheffield
Sheffield S10 2TN, UK

ANMS representatives
Kirsteen Browning
Lin Chang
Lauire Keefer

ESNM representatives
Inge Depoortere
Paul Enck
Beate Niesler

Editorial Board
Beverley Greenwood-van Meerveld
Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience
Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Editorial Board
Dr G Barbara, Bologna, Italy
Dr M Benninga, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Dr P Bertrand, Melbourne, Australia
Dr A Bharucha, Rochester, MN, USA
Dr A Blackshaw, London, UK
Dr K Browning, Hershey, PA, USA
Dr P Clave, Barcelona, Spain
Dr L Chang, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dr J Cryan, Cork, Ireland
Dr R DeGiorgio, Bologna, Italy
Dr I Depoortere, Leuven, Belgium
Dr PG Dinning, Sydney, Australia
Dr P Ducrotte, Rouen, France
Dr M Fox, Nottingham, UK
Dr S Fukudo, Sendai, Japan
Dr S Gibbons, Rochester, MN, USA
Dr J Grider, Richmond, VA, USA
Dr M Grover, Rochester, MN, USA
Dr K-A Gwee, Singapore
Dr B Heuckeroth, St Louis, MO, USA
Dr M Jiménez, Barcelona, Spain
Dr P Kashyap, Rochester, USA
Dr L Keefer, Chicago, USA
Dr C Knowles, London, UK
Dr S D Koh, Nevada, USA
Dr M Larauche, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dr G Lindberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr D Linden, Rochester, MN, USA
Dr A Lomax, Kingston, ON, Canada
Dr K Margolis, Columbia, NY, USA
Dr V Martinez, Barcelona, Spain
Dr G O'Grady, Auckland, New Zealand
Dr T Ordog, Rochester, MN, USA
Dr H Parkman, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Dr S Roman, Lyon, France
Dr T Shea-Donohue, Baltimore, MD, USA
Dr B Southwell, Melbourne, Australia
Dr K Tillisch, Los Angeles, USA
Dr H Tornblom, Gothenburg, Sweden
Dr R Tutuian, Bern, Switzerland
Dr S Vanner, Kingston, ON, Canada
Dr M van Tilburg, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Dr E Verdu, Hamilton, ON, Canada
Dr J Wiley, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Dr P Woodland, London, UK
Dr M Wouters, Leuven, Belgium
Dr F Zerbib, Bordeaux, France

Editorial Manager
Maggy Barber Needham

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