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Edited By: James Galligan, Albert Bredenoord and Stephen Vanner, Associate Editor(s): Maura Corsetti and Kirsteen Browning, Podcast Editor: Adam Farmer

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Editor's Choice

From the January 2017 Issue:
MRI assessment of the postprandial gastrointestinal motility and peptide response in healthy humans
A. Khalaf, C.L. Hoad, A. Menys, A. Nowak, S. A. Taylor, S. Paparo, M. Lingaya, Y. Falcone, G. Singh, R. C. Spiller, P. A. Gowland, L. Marciani, G. W. Moran

From the December 2017 Issue:
Efficacy of percutaneous endoscopic gastro-jejunostomy (PEG-J) decompression therapy for patients with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CIPO)
H. Ohkubo, A. Fuyuki, J. Arimoto, T. Higurashi, T. Nonaka, Y. Inoh, H. Iida, M. Inamori, T. Kaneda, A. Nakajima

From the November 2017 Issue:
Early weaning stress induces chronic functional diarrhea, intestinal barrier defects, and increased mast cell activity in a porcine model of early life adversity
P.C. S. Pohl, J. E. Medland, E. Mackey, L. L. Edwards, K. D. Bagley, M. P. DeWilde, K. J. Williams, A. J. Moeser

From the October 2017 Issue:
Assessing the colonic microbiome, hydrogenogenic and hydrogenotrophic genes, transit and breath methane in constipation
P. G. Wolf, G. Parthasarathy, J. Chen, H. M. O'Connor, N. Chia, A. E. Bharucha, H. R. Gaskins

From the September 2017 Issue:
Neonatal immune challenge followed by adult immune challenge induces epigenetic-susceptibility to aggravated visceral hypersensitivity
J. E. Aguirre, J. H. Winston, S. K. Sarna

From the August 2017 Issue:
3D High-definition anorectal manometry: Values obtained in asymptomatic volunteers, fecal incontinence and chronic constipation. Results of a prospective multicenter study (NOMAD)
F. Mion, A. Garros, C. Brochard, V. Vitton, A. Ropert, M. Bouvier, H. Damon, L. Siproudhis, S. Roman

From the July 2017 Issue:
G protein-coupled estrogen receptor and estrogen receptor ligands regulate colonic motility and visceral pain
M. Zielińska, J. Fichna, M. Bashashati, S. Habibi, A. Sibaev, J.-P Timmermans, M. Storr

From the June 2017 Issue:
The nutrient-sensing repertoires of mouse enterochromaffin cells differ between duodenum and colon
A. M. Martin, A. L. Lumsden, R. L. Young, C. F. Jessup, N. J. Spencer, D. J. Keating

From the May 2017 Issue:
Baseline impedance measured during high-resolution esophageal impedance manometry reliably discriminates GERD patients
K. Ravi, D. M. Geno, M. F. Vela, M. D. Crowell, D. A. Katzka

From the April 2017 Issue:
Effects of varying dietary content of fermentable short-chain carbohydrates on symptoms, fecal microenvironment, and cytokine profiles in patients with irritable bowel syndrome
T. N. Hustoft, T. Hausken, S. O. Ystad, J. Valeur, K. Brokstad, J. G. Hatlebakk, G. A. Lied

From the March 2017 Issue:
May cannabinoids prevent the development of chemotherapy-induced diarrhea and intestinal mucositis? Experimental study in the rat
R. Abalo, J. A. Uranga, I. Pérez-García, R. de Andrés, R. Girón, G. Vera, A. E. López-Pérez, M. I. Martín-Fontelles

From the February 2017 Issue:
A meta-analysis of reflux genome-wide association studies in 6750 Northern Europeans from the general population
F. Bonfiglio, P. G. Hysi, W. Ek, V. Karhunen, N. V. Rivera, M. Männikkö, H. Nordenstedt, M. Zucchelli, F. Bresso, F. Williams, H. Tornblom, P. K. Magnusson, N. L. Pedersen, J. Ronkainen, P. T. Schmidt, M. D'Amato

From the January 2017 Issue:
In vivo transplantation of fetal human gut-derived enteric neural crest cells
J. E. Cooper, D. Natarajan, C. J. McCann, S. Choudhury, H. Godwin, A. J. Burns, N. Thapar

From the December 2016 Issue:
Gastrointestinal dysfunction and enteric neurotoxicity following treatment with anticancer chemotherapeutic agent 5-fluorouracil
R. M. McQuade, V. Stojanovska, E. Donald, R. Abalo, J. C. Bornstein, K. Nurgali

From the November 2016 Issue:
Colonic overexpression of the T-type calcium channel Cav3.2 in a mouse model of visceral hypersensitivity and in irritable bowel syndrome patients
J. Scanzi, A. Accarie, E. Muller, B. Pereira, Y. Aissouni, M. Goutte, J. Joubert-Zakeyh, E. Picard, L. Boudieu, C. Mallet, A. Gelot, D. Ardid, F. A. Carvalho, M. Dapoigny

From the October 2016 Issue:
The role of combined 24-h multichannel intraluminal impedance-pH monitoring in the evaluation of children with gastrointestinal symptoms suggesting gastro-esophageal reflux disease
I. Hojsak, L. Ivković, T. Trbojević, I. Pavić, O. Jadrešin, Z. Mišak and S. Kolaček

From the September 2016 Issue:
Early life adversity in piglets induces long-term upregulation of the enteric cholinergic nervous system and heightened, sex-specific secretomotor neuron responses
J. E. Medland, C. S. Pohl, L. L. Edwards, S. Frandsen, K. Bagley, Y. Li and A. J. Moeser

From the August 2016 Issue:
Validating endpoints for therapeutic trials in fecal incontinence
J. Noelting, A. R. Zinsmeister and A. E. Bharucha

From the July 2016 Issue:
13C mannitol as a novel biomarker for measurement of intestinal permeability
M. Grover, M. Camilleri, J. Hines, D. Burton, M. Ryks, A. Wadhwa, W. Sundt, R. Dyer and R. J. Singh

From the June 2016 Issue:
Colonic response to laxative ingestion as assessed by MRI differs in constipated irritable bowel syndrome compared to functional constipation
C. Lam, G. Chaddock, L. Marciani, C. Costigan, J. Paul, E. Cox, C. Hoad, A. Menys, S. Pritchard, K. Garsed, S. Taylor, D. Atkinson, P. Gowland and R. Spiller

From the May 2016 Issue:
Evaluation of the pylorus with concurrent intraluminal pressure and EndoFLIP in patients with nausea and vomiting
W. J. Snape, M. S. Lin, N. Agarwal and R. E. Shaw

From the April 2016 Issue:
Modulation of vagal tone enhances gastroduodenal motility and reduces somatic pain sensitivity
J. B. Frøkjær, S. Bergmann, C. Brock, A. Madzak, A. D.Farmer, J. Ellrich and A. M. Drewes

From the March 2016 Issue:
Role of sympathetic nervous system in rat model of chronic visceral pain
D. W. Gil, J. Wang, C. Gu, J. E. Donello, S. Cabrera and E. D. Al-Chaer

From the February 2016 Issue:
Microarray expression profiling of dysregulated long non-coding RNAs in Hirschsprung's disease reveals their potential role in molecular diagnosis
Z. Shen, C. Du, R. Zang, H. Xie, W. Lv, H. Li, Y. Xia and W. Tang

From the January 2016 Issue:
Histopathologic patterns among achalasia subtypes
J. B. Sodikoff, A. A. Lo, B. B. Shetuni, P. J. Kahrilas, G.-Y. Yang and J. E. Pandolfino

From the December 2015 Issue:
Quantification and variability in colonic volume with a novel magnetic resonance imaging method
M. Nilsson, T. H. Sandberg, J. L. Poulsen, M. Gram, J. B. Frøkjær, L. R. Østergaard, K. Krogh, C. Brock and A. M. Drewes

From the November 2015 Issue:
Ghrelin receptor modulates T helper cells during intestinal inflammation
M. Di Giovangiulio, N. Stakenborg, G. Bosmans, E. Meroni, G. Farro, P. J. Gomez-Pinilla, I. Depoortere, G. E. Boeckxstaens and G. Matteoli

From the October 2015 Issue:
The impact of surgical excisions on human gastric slow wave conduction, defined by high-resolution electrical mapping and in silico modeling P. Du,
A. Hameed, T. R. Angeli, C. Lahr, T. L. Abell, L. K. Cheng and G. O'Grady

From the September 2015 Issue:
Patients with refractory reflux symptoms often do not have GERD
T. V. K. Herregods, M. Troelstra, P. W. Weijenborg, A. J. Bredenoord and A. J. P. M. Smout

From the August 2015 Issue:
Rome III functional dyspepsia subdivision in PDS and EPS: recognizing postprandial symptoms reduces overlap
F. Carbone, L. Holvoet and J. Tack

From the July 2015 Issue:
Involvement of 5-HT3 and 5-HT4 receptors in colonic motor patterns in rats
Y. Yu, J.-H. Chen, H. Li, Z. Yang, X. Du, L. Hong, H. Liao, L. Jiang, J. Shi, L. Zhao, S. Tan, H. Luo and J. D. Huizinga

From the June 2015 Issue:
Peritoneal mast cell degranulation and gastrointestinal recovery in patients undergoing colorectal surgery
S. Berdún, E. Bombuy, O. Estrada, E. Mans, J. Rychter, P. Clavé and P. Vergara

From the May 2015 Issue
A ghrelin receptor agonist is an effective colokinetic in rats with diet-induced constipation
R. V. Pustovit, J. B. Furness and L. R. Rivera

From the April 2015 Issue
Sensitization of enteric neurons to morphine by HIV-1 Tat protein
S. Fitting, J. Ngwainmbi, M. Kang, F. A. Khan, D. L. Stevens, W. L. Dewey, P. E. Knapp, K. F. Hauser and H. I. Akbarali

From the March 2015 Issue
Constipation is not associated with colonic diverticula: a multicenter study in Japan
E. Yamada, M. Inamori, S. Watanabe, T. Sato, M. Tagri, E. Uchida, E. Tanida, M. Izumi, K. Takeshita, N. Fujisawa, K. Komatsu, J. Hamanaka, A. Kanesaki, N. Matsuhashi and A. Nakajima

From the February 2015 Issue
The Chicago Classification of esophageal motility disorders, v3.0
P. J. Kahrilas, A. J. Bredenoord, M. Fox, C. P. Gyawali, S. Roman, A. J. P. M. Smout, J. E. Pandolfino

From the January 2015 Issue
Circular muscle contraction in the mice rectum plays a key role in morphine-induced constipation
J. Su, Y. Tanaka, T. Muratsubaki, M. Kano, M. Kanazawa and S. Fukudo

From the December 2014 Issue
Validating biomarkers of treatable mechanisms in irritable bowel syndrome
M. Camilleri, A. Shin, I. Busciglio, P. Carlson, A. Acosta, A. E. Bharucha, D. Burton, J. Lamsam, A. Lueke, L. J. Donato and A. R. Zinsmeister

From the November 2014 Issue
Activation of the endogenous nociceptin system by selective nociceptin receptor agonist SCH 221510 produces antitransit and antinociceptive effect: a novel strategy for treatment of diarrhea-predominant IBS
J. Fichna, M. Sobczak, A. Mokrowiecka, A. I. Cygankiewicz, P. K. Zakrzewski, N. Cenac, M. Sałaga, J.-P. Timmermans, N. Vergnolle, E. Małecka-Panas, W. M. Krajewska and M. Storr

From the October 2014 Issue
Circular muscle contraction in the mice rectum plays a key role in morphine-induced constipation
H. Ono, A. Nakamura, K. Matsumoto, S. Horie, G. Sakaguchi and T. Kanemasa

From the September 2014 Issue
Long-term results of pneumatic dilatation for relapsing symptoms of achalasia after Heller myotomy
Ludivine Legros, Alain Ropert, Charlène Brochard, Guillaume Bouguen, Maël Pagenault, Laurent Siproudhis and Jean-François Bretagne

From the August 2014 Issue
Deoxycholic acid induced changes in electrophysiological parameters and macromolecular permeability in murine small intestine with and without functional enteric nervous system plexuses
R. A. Forsgård, R. Korpela, L. K. Stenman, P. Österlund and R. Holma

From the July 2014 Issue
Randomized clinical trial: rikkunshito in the treatment of functional dyspepsia—a multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study
H. Suzuki, J. Matsuzaki, Y. Fukushima, F. Suzaki, K. Kasugai, T. Nishizawa, Y. Naito, T. Hayakawa, T. Kamiya, T. Andoh, H. Yoshida, Y. Tokura, H. Nagata, M. Kobayakawa, M. Mori, K. Kato, H. Hosoda, T. Takebayashi, S. Miura, N. Uemura, T. Joh, T. Hibi, J. Tack and Rikkunshito study group

From the June 2014 Issue
Selective influence of host microbiota on cAMP-mediated ion transport in mouse colon
K. W. Lomasney, A. Houston, F. Shanahan, T. G. Dinan, J. F. Cryan, and N. P. Hyland

From the May 2014 Issue
Comparing omeprazole with fluoxetine for treatment of patients with heartburn and normal endoscopy who failed once daily proton pump inhibitors: Double-blind placebo-controlled trial
M. R. Ostovaneh, B. Saeidi, K. Hajifathalian, Y. Farrokhi-Khajeh-Pasha, A. Fotouhi, S. S. Mirbagheri, H. Emami, G. Barzin and S. A. Mirbagheri

From the April 2014 Issue
Selective inhibition of FAAH produces antidiarrheal and antinociceptive effect mediated by endocannabinoids and cannabinoid-like fatty acid amides
J. Fichna, M. Sałaga, J. Stuart, D. Saur, M. Sobczak, H. Zatorski, J. -P. Timmermans, H. B. Bradshaw, K. Ahn and M. A. Storr

From the March 2014 Issue
Reduced E-cadherin expression is associated with abdominal pain and symptom duration in a study of alternating and diarrhea predominant IBS
E. Wilcz-Villega, S. McClean, M. O'Sullivan

From the February 2014 Issue
The mechanism of enhanced defecation caused by the ghrelin receptor agonist, ulimorelin
R. V. Pustovit, B. Callaghan, S. Kosari, L. R. Rivera, H. Thomas, J. A. Brock and J. B. Furness

From the January 2014 Issue
Characterization of symptoms in irritable bowel syndrome with mixed bowel habit pattern
A. M. Su, W. Shih, A. P. Presson, L. Chang

From the December 2013 Issue
Susceptibility to stress induced visceral hypersensitivity in maternally separated rats is transferred across generations
R M van den Wijngaard, O I Stanisor, S A van Diest, O Welting, M M Wouters, C Cailotto, W J de Jonge, G E Boeckxstaens

From the November 2013 Issue
Phase 2b, randomized, double-blind 12-week studies of TZP-102, a ghrelin receptor agonist for diabetic gastroparesis
R. W. McCallum, A. Lembo, T. Esfandyari, B. R. Bhandari, N. Ejskjaer, C. Cosentino, N. Helton, E. Mondou, J. Quinn and F. Rousseau, The TZP-102