Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology

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Edited By: Prof Janice Holton

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Top 10 Most Accessed Articles in 2015

Invited review: Neuropathology of tauopathies: principles and practice
G. Kovacs
Volume 41, Issue 1

Review: Activation patterns of microglia and their identification in the human brain
D. Boche, V. H. Perry and J. A. R. Nicoll
Volume 39, Issue 1

Invited review: Prion-like transmission and spreading of tau pathology
F. Clavaguera, J. Hench, M. Goedert and M. Tolnay
Volume 41, Issue 1

Review: Prion-like mechanisms of transactive response DNA binding protein of 43 kDa (TDP-43) in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
P. Smethurst, K. C. L. Sidle and J. Hardy
Volume 41, Issue 5

Diagnostic, prognostic and predictive relevance of molecular markers in gliomas
S. Brandner and A. von Deimling
Volume 41, Issue 6

Review: The future of cell therapies and brain repair: Parkinson's disease leads the way
G. H. Petit, T. T. Olsson and P. Brundin
Volume 40, Issue 1

Review: An update on clinical, genetic and pathological aspects of frontotemporal lobar degenerations
T. Lashley, J. D. Rohrer, S. Mead and T. Revesz
Volume 41, Issue 7

Invited review: Frontotemporal dementia caused by microtubule-associated protein tau gene (MAPT) mutations: a chameleon for neuropathology and neuroimaging
B. Ghetti, A. L. Oblak, B. F. Boeve, K. A. Johnson, B. C. Dickerson and M. Goedert
Volume 41, Issue 4

Review: Modulating the unfolded protein response to prevent neurodegeneration and enhance memory
M. Halliday and G. R. Mallucci
Volume 41, Issue 4

Review: The genetics of Alzheimer's disease; putting flesh on the bones
C. Medway and K. Morgan
Volume 40, Issue 2