Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology

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Edited By: Prof Janice Holton

Impact Factor: 4.483

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 9/79 (Pathology); 29/193 (Clinical Neurology); 54/256 (Neurosciences)

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Top 10 Cited Articles that contributed to NAN's 2016 Impact Factor.
The data has been compiled from Thomson Reuters Web of Science and is based on citations made in 2016 to papers published in 2014 and 2015.

Invited review: Neuropathology of tauopathies: principles and practice
G. G. Kovacs
Volume 41, Issue 1

Review: Environmental enrichment and brain repair: harnessing the therapeutic effects of cognitive stimulation and physical activity to enhance experience-dependent plasticity
A. J. Hannan
Volume 40, Issue 1

Invited review: Frontotemporal dementia caused by microtubule-associated protein tau gene (MAPT) mutations: a chameleon for neuropathology and neuroimaging
Bernardino Ghetti, Adrian L. Oblak, Bradley F. Boeve, Keith A. Johnson, Bradford C. Dickerson and Michel Goedert
Volume 41, Issue 1

Review: The future of cell therapies and brain repair: Parkinson's disease leads the way
G. H. Petit, T. T. Olsson and P. Brundin
Volume 40, Issue 1

Review: Hippocampal sclerosis in epilepsy: a neuropathology review
Maria Thom
Volume 40, Issue 5

Invited review: Prion-like transmission and spreading of tau pathology
Florence Clavaguera, Jürgen Hench, Michel Goedert and Markus Tolnay
Volume 41, Issue 1

Review: An update on clinical, genetic and pathological aspects of frontotemporal lobar degenerations
Tammaryn Lashley, Jonathan D. Rohrer, Simon Mead and Tamas Revesz
Volume 41, Issue 7

Review: The genetics of Alzheimer's disease; putting flesh on the bones
C. Medway and K. Morgan
Volume 40, Issue 2

Review: Iron metabolism and the role of iron in neurodegenerative disorders
M. Hadzhieva, E. Kirches and C. Mawrin
Volume 40, Issue 3

Brain haemosiderin in older people: pathological evidence for an ischaemic origin of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) microbleeds
B. M. Janaway, J. E. Simpson, N. Hoggard, J. R. Highley, G. Forster, D. Drew, O. H. Gebril, F. E. Matthews, C. Brayne, S. B. Wharton, P. G. Ince and on behalf of the MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing Neuropathology Study
Volume 40, Issue 3