Physiological Entomology

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Edited By: Henry Fadamiro, Shin G. Goto and Toby Bruce

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Associated Title(s): Agricultural and Forest Entomology, Ecological Entomology, Insect Conservation and Diversity, Insect Molecular Biology, Medical and Veterinary Entomology, Systematic Entomology


Royal Entomological Society Journal Award Scheme

The 2011 prize for the best paper published in Physiological Entomology in 2009 has been awarded to:

Diet affects female mating behaviour in a seed-feeding beetle
Physiological Entomology (2009), 34, 370-378

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The 2009 prize for the best paper published in Physiological Entomology in 2008 has been awarded to:
Vibration-mediated territoriality in the warty birch caterpillar Drepana bilineata.
Jaclyn L. Bowen, Shannon J. Mahony, Andrew C. Mason, Jayne E. Yack (2008)
Physiological Entomology (33:3), pp. 238-250

The Society operates a scheme designed to recognise the ‘best papers’ published over a two year period in each of its 6 journals.
Each year articles from 3 journals will be selected for this award by the Journal Editor(s) and the Journal Editorial board.
The prize consists of: 

  • A cash sum of £500
  • A certificate signed by the President and Editor(s) 
  • An award ceremony at the Annual General Meeting of the Society and dinner with the President.

The 2007 prize for the best paper published in Physiological Entomology in 2006 was awarded to:
The effect of constant darkness on the content of adipokinetic hormone, adipokinetic response and walking activity in macropterous females of Pyrrhocoris apterus (L.)
Kodrik D, Socha R, Syrova Z and Zemek R (2005)
Physiological Entomology (30:3), pp. 248-255

Special Issue: Insect and Disease - Now Available Free Online
The August 2004 issue (29:3) of Physiological Entomology is a special issue, with papers focused on Insects and Disease based on an international symposium held by the Royal Entomological Society in Aberdeen in September 2001. Many aspects of the subject area are covered from diseases of insects to insects as vectors of diseases of plants and animals, with approaches varying from the physiological and molecular to the entomological and evolutionary. Access this special issue for free online.

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