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Edited By: Keith Mott

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Adjustment of photosynthetic processes of plants and cells to the light environment

Edited by Tom Sharkey in January 2007

Plants require light for photosynthesis, but light in excess of what can be used by photosynthesis must be dissipated without damage. This collection of papers describes how plants and algae optimize light usage while minimizing damage.

Adjustment of leaf photosynthesis to shade in a natural canopy: rate parameters
A Laisk, H Eichelmann, V Oja, B Rasulov, E Padu, I Bichele, H Pettai, O Kull

Adjustment of leaf photosynthesis to shade in a natural canopy: reallocation of nitrogen
H Eichelmann, V Oja, B Rasulov, E Padu, I Bichele, H Pettai, P Mand, O Kull, A Laisk

Net primary production and light use efficiency in a mixed coniferous forest in Sweden
Fredrik Lagergren, Lars Eklundh, Achim Grelle, Mattias Lundblad, Meelis Molder, Harry Lankreijer, Anders Lindroth

Differences in the Success of Sugar Maple and Red Maple Seedlings on Acid Soils are Influenced by Nutrient Dynamics and Light Environment.
Jonathan Lynch, Samuel St. Clair

Leaf growth dynamic of two congener gymnosperm tree species reflect the heterogeneity of light intensities in their natural ecological niche
Achim Walter, I.Ling Lai, Hanno Scharr, Andres Chavarria-Krauser, Ralf Kuster, Jiunn-Tzong Wu, Chang-Hung Chou, Ulrich Schurr

Complex adjustments of photosynthetic potentials and internal diffusion conductance to current and previous light availabilities and leaf age in Mediterranean evergreen species Quercus ilex
Ulo Niinemets, Alessandro Cescatti, Mirco Rodeghiero, Tiina Tosens

Mathematical review of literature to assess alternative electron transports and inter-photosystem excitation partitioning of steady-state C3 photosynthesis under limiting light

Shade avoidance and the regulation of leaf inclination in Arabidopsis
Jack Mullen, Cynthia Weinig, Roger Hangarter

Leaf Anatomy as a constraint for photosynthetic acclimation: differential responses in leaf anatomy to increasing growth irradiance among three deciduous trees.
Riichi Oguchi, K Hikosaka, T Hirose

Photoprotection mutants of Arabidopis thaliana acclimate to high light bu increasing photosynthesis and specific anti oxidants
Talila Golan, Patricia Muller-Moule, Krishna Niyogi

Upregulation of a PSII core protein phosphatase inhibitor and sustained D1 phosphorylation in zeaxanthin-retaining, photoinhibited needles of overwintering Douglas fir
V Ebbert, W W Adams, A K Mattoo, A Sokolenko, Barbara Demmig-Adams

Winter acclimation of PsbS and related protiens in the evergreen Arctstaphylos uva-ursi as influenced by altitude and light environment
C. Ryan Zarter, William Adams III, Volker Ebbert, Iwona Adamska, Stefan Jansson, Barbara Demmig-Adams

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