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Edited By: Keith Mott

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Fundamentals of water transport through xylem

Edited by N. Michele Holbrook in January 2007

Although the basic mechanisms for water transport through the xylem were first worked out over 100 years ago, new insights into the underlying physics and physiology of the xylem continue to enlarge our understanding of what it takes to support photosynthesis on land. Encompassing topics from ion effects on hydraulic resistance to issues of vascular design, the articles in this VSI represent the vanguard of recent work on the long-distance transport of water in plants

Dynamics of water transport and storage in conifers studied with deuterium and heat tracing technique
Frederick C. Meinzer, J.R. BROOKS, J.-C. Domec, B.L. Gartner, J.M. Warren, D.R. Woodruff, K. Bible, D.C. Shaw

Sap salinity effects on xylem conductivity in two mangrove species
Jorge Lopez-Portillo, Frank W Ewers, Guillermo Angeles

Axial and radial profiles in conductivities, water storage and native embolism in trunks of young and old-growth ponderosa pine trees.
J C Domec, M Pruyn, B Gartner

Hydraulic design of pine needles: one:dimensional optimization for single-veined leaves (prev. 05-062)
Maciej Zwieniecki, Howard Stone, Andrea Leigh, C Kevin Boyce, N Michele Holbrook

Freeze/thaw-induced embolism depends on nadir temperature: the heterogeneous hydration hypothesis
Marilyn Ball, M J Canny, C X Huang, J J G Egerton, J Wolfe

The spatial pattern of air seeding thresholds in mature sugar maple trees.
Brendan Choat, Eleanor Lahr, Peter Melcher, Maciej Zwieniecki, Michele Holbrook

MRI of long distance water transport: a comparison of the phloem and xylem flow characteristics and dynamics in poplar, castor bean, tomato and tobacco
Carel Windt, Frank Vergeldt, P Adrie de Jager, Henk Van As

Mechanical reinforcement of tracheids compromises the hydraulic efficiency of conifer xylem
Jarmila Pittermann, John Sperry, James Wheeler, Uwe Hacke, Elzard Sikkema

Inter-vessel pitting and cavitation in woody Rosaceae and other vesseled plants: a basis for a safety vs. efficiency trade-off in xylem transport.
John Sperry, James Wheeler, Uwe Hacke, Nguyen Hoang

Circadian regulation of leaf hydraulic conductance in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L. cv Margot)
Andrea Nardini, Sebastiano Salleo, Sergio Andri

Comparative analysis of end wall resistivity in xylem conduits
Uwe G Hacke, James K Wheeler, John S Sperry

Ion-mediated increase in the hydraulic conductivity of Laurel stems: role of pits and consequences for the impact of cavitation on water transport
Antonio Gascó, Andrea Nardini, Emmanuelle Gortan Emmanuelle Gortan, Sebastiano Salleo