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Mechanisms of plant response to global atmospheric change

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Virtual Special Issue on mechanisms of plant response to global atmospheric change

Accelerating yield potential in soybean: potential targets for biotechnological improvement.
Ainsworth E. A., Yendrek C. R., Skoneczka J. A., Long S. P. (2012)
Plant Cell and Environment, 35, 38-52.

Effects of chronic elevated ozone concentration on antioxidant capacity, photosynthesis and seed yield of 10 soybean cultivars.
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Plant Cell and Environment, 33, 1569-1581.

Warmer and drier conditions stimulate respiration more than photosynthesis in a boreal peatland ecosystem: Analysis of automatic chambers and eddy covariance measurements.
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Plant Cell and Environment, 33, 394-407.

Soil N modulates soil C cycling in CO2-fumigated tree stands: a meta-analysis.

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Plant Cell and Environment, 33, 2001-2011.

Thermal acclimation of photosynthesis: a comparison of boreal and temperate tree species along a latitudinal transect.
Dillaway D. N., Kruger E. L. (2010)
Plant Cell and Environment, 33, 888-899.

Hydraulic limitation not declining nitrogen availability causes the age-related photosynthetic decline in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.).

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Plant Cell and Environment, 33, 1756-1766.

Elevated CO2 shifts the focus of tobacco plant defences from cucumber mosaic virus to the green peach aphid.
Fu X., Ye L. F., Kang L., Ge F. (2010)
Plant Cell and Environment, 33, 2056-2064.

Photosynthetic responses of two eucalypts to industrial-age changes in atmospheric CO2 and temperature.

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Nitrogen deficiency increases the residence time of respiratory carbon in the respiratory substrate supply system of perennial ryegrass.
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