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Edited By: Keith Mott

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Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Plants

Edited by Steve Long in January 2007

Elina Vapaavuori, Eeva-Maria Luomala, Kaisa Laitinen, Sirkka Sutinen, Seppo Kellomaki

Responses of net ecosystem CO2 exchange in managed grassland to long-term CO2 enrichment, N fertilization and plant species.
Urs Aeschlimann, Josef Nosberger, Peter Edwards, Manuel Schneider, Michael Richter, Herbert Blum

CO2 enrichment predisposes foliage of eucalypt to freezing injury and reduces spring growth
Beth Loveys, Davis H. Barker, John J.G Egerton, Holly Gorton, William E. Williams, Marilyn C. Balls

Near-term impacts of elevated CO2, nitrogen, and fungal endophyte-infection on Lolium perenne L.: growth, chemical composition and alkaloid production
Mathew Hunt, Susanne Rasmussen, Paul Newton, Anthony Parsons, JONATHAN NEWMAN

Growth at elevated CO2 concentrations leads to modified profiles of secondary metabolites in tobacco cv. SamsunNN and to increased resistance against infection with potato virus Y
Andrea Matros, Steffen Amme, Barbara Kettig, Uwe Sonnewald, Hans-Peter Mock

Interactions between the effects of Atomspheric CO2 Content and P nutrition on photosynthesis in white lupin (Lupinus albus L.)
Catherine Campbell, Rowan Sage

Higher daytime leaf temperatures contribute to lower freeze tolerance under elevated CO2
Beth Loveys, John Egerton, Marilyn Ball

Increased carbon availability at elevated carbon dioxide concentration improves nitrogen assimilation in a legume
Alistair Rogers, Yves Gibon, Mark Stitt, Patrick Morgan, Carl Bernacchi, Donald Ort, Stephen Long

Elucidating genomic regions determining enhanced leaf growth and delayed senescence in elevated CO2
A Rae, R Ferris, M Tallis, Gail Taylor

Long-term growth of soybean at elevated [CO2] does not cause acclimation of stomatal conductance under fully open-air conditions
Andrew Leakey, Carl Bernacchi, Donald Ort, Stephen Long

Changes in carbon uptake in populations of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii selected at high CO2
Sinéad Collins, Dieter Sültemeyer, Graham Bell

Hourly and seasonal variation in photosynthesis and stomatal conductance of soybean grown at future CO2 and ozone concentrations for three years under fully open air field conditions
Carl Bernacchi, Andrew Leakey, Lindsey Heady, Patrick Morgan, Frank Dohleman, Justin McGrath, Kelly Gillespie, Victoria Wittig, Alistair Rogers, Stephen Long, Donald Ort

The response of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance to rising [CO2]: mechanisms and environmental interactions
Elizabeth Ainsworth, Alistair Rogers

Isoprene synthase expression and protein levels are reduced under elevated O3 but not under elevated CO2 (FACE) in field-grown aspen trees
C Calfapietra, Amy Wiberley, Tanya Falbel, Autumn Linskey, Giuseppe Mugnozza, David Karnosky, Francesco Loreto, Thomas Sharkey

Acclimation of wild-type cells and CO2-insensitive mutants of the green alga Chlorella ellipsoidea to elevated [CO2]
Teruhiko Ochiai, Brian Colman, Yusuke Matsuda

Rapid mixing between old and new carbon pools in the canopy of mature forest trees
Sonja Keel, Rolf Siegwolf, Jaggi Maya, Korner Christian