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Edited By: Keith Mott

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Virtual Special Issue - whole-plant water transport

Virtual Special Issue (VSI) on whole-plant water transport

Rapid shoot-to-root signalling regulates root hydraulic conductance via aquaporins
Rebecca K. Vandeleur, Wendy Sullivan, Asmini Athman, Charlotte Jordans, Matthew Gilliham, Brent N. Kaiser & Stephen D. Tyerman

A putative role for TIP and PIP aquaporins in dynamics of leaf hydraulic and stomatal conductances in grapevine under water stress and re-watering
Alicia Pou, Hipolito Medrano, Jaume Flexas & Stephen D. Tyerman

Influence of evaporative demand on aquaporin expression and root hydraulics of hybrid poplar.
Almeida-Rodriguez, A.M., Hacke, U.G. & Laur, J.

Climate-related trends in sapwood biophysical properties in two conifers: avoidance of hydraulic dysfunction through coordinated adjustments in xylem efficiency, safety and capacitance.
Barnard, D.M., Meinzer, F.C., Lachenbruch, B., McCulloh, K.A., Johnson, D.M. & Woodruff, D.R.

The impact of vessel size on vulnerability curves: data and models for within-species variability in saplings of aspen, Populus tremuloides Michx.
Cai, J. & Tyree, M.T.

Single-vessel flow measurements indicate scalariform perforation plates confer higher flow resistance than previously estimated.
Christman, M.A. & Sperry, J.S.

Does sample length influence the shape of xylem embolism vulnerability curves? A test with the Cavitron spinning technique.
Cochard, H., Herbette, S., Barigah, T., Badel, E., Ennajeh, M. & Vilagrosa, A.

Mechanism of water-stress induced cavitation in conifers: bordered pit structure and function support the hypothesis of seal capillary-seeding.
Delzon, S., Douthe, C., Sala, A. & Cochard, H.

Hydraulic limitation not declining nitrogen availability causes the age-related photosynthetic decline in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.).
Drake, J.E., Raetz, L.M., Davis, S.C. & DeLucia, E.H.

Common trade-offs between xylem resistance to cavitation and other physiological traits do not hold among unrelated Populus deltoidesx Populus nigra hybrids.
Fichot, R., Barigah, T.S., Chamaillard, S., Le Thiec, D., Laurans, F., Cochard, H. & Brignolas, F.

Combined impacts of irradiance and dehydration on leaf hydraulic conductance: insights into vulnerability and stomatal control.
Guyot, G., Scoffoni, C. & Sack, L.

Minimum hydraulic safety leads to maximum water-use efficiency in a forage grass.
Holloway-Phillips, M.-M. & Brodribb, T.J.

A carbon cost-gain model explains the observed patterns of xylem safety and efficiency.
Holtta, T., Mencuccini, M. & Nikinmaa, E.

Plasmodesmatal pores in the torus of bordered pit membranes affect cavitation resistance of conifer xylem.
Jansen, S., Lamy, J.B., Burlett, R., Cochard, H., Gasson, P. & Delzon, S.

Evidence for xylem embolism as a primary factor in dehydration-induced declines in leaf hydraulic conductance.
Johnson, D.M., McCulloh, K.A., Woodruff, D.R. & Meinzer, F.C.

Role of aquaporins in root water transport of ectomycorrhizal jack pine (Pinus banksiana) seedlings exposed to NaCl and fluoride.
Lee, S.H., Calvo-Polanco, M., Chung, G.C. & Zwiazek, J.J.

Ecological differentiation in xylem cavitation resistance is associated with stem and leaf structural traits.
Markesteijn, L., Poorter, L., Paz, H., Sack, L. & Bongers, F.

Leafminers help us understand leaf hydraulic design.
Nardini, A., Raimondo, F., Lo Gullo, M.A. & Salleo, S.

Linking irradiance-induced changes in pit membrane ultrastructure with xylem vulnerability to cavitation.
Plavcova, L., Hacke, U.G. & Sperry, J.S.

Hydraulic conductivity of red oak (Quercus rubra L.) leaf tissue does not respond to light.
Rockwell, F.E., Holbrook, N.M. & Zwieniecki, M.A.

Transpiration from shoots triggers diurnal changes in root aquaporin expression.
Sakurai-Ishikawa, J., Murai-Hatano, M., Hayashi, H., Ahamed, A., Fukushi, K., Matsumoto, T. & Kitagawa, Y.

Patterns of PIP gene expression in Populus trichocarpa during recovery from xylem embolism suggest a major role for the PIP1 aquaporin subfamily as moderators of refilling process.
Secchi, F. & Zwieniecki, M.A.

Sensing embolism in xylem vessels: the role of sucrose as a trigger for refilling.
Secchi, F. & Zwieniecki, M.A.

Hydraulic conductance of Acacia phyllodes (foliage) is driven by primary nerve (vein) conductance and density.
Sommerville, K.E., Sack, L. & Ball, M.C.

Vulnerability curves by centrifugation: is there an open vessel artefact, and are 'r' shaped curves necessarily invalid?
Sperry, J.S., Christman, M.A., Torres-Ruiz, J.M., Taneda, H. & Smith, D.D.

Transgenic poplars with reduced lignin show impaired xylem conductivity, growth efficiency and survival.
Voelker, S.L., Lachenbruch, B., Meinzer, F.C., Kitin, P. & Strauss, S.H.