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Edited By: Matt Dickinson

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Associated Title(s): Molecular Plant Pathology

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Special Issue - Free to read online!
Fitness Costs and Trade-offs in Plant Disease

Fitness Costs and Trade-offs in Plant–Parasite Interactions
The papers in this online supplement of Plant Pathology stemmed from a conference on ‘Fitness Costs and Trade-offs in Plant Disease’ in Norwich, UK in December 2012, organized by the British Society for Plant Pathology.

This supplementary issue for Plant Pathology on ‘Fitness Costs and Trade-offs in Plant Disease’ brings together fundamental biology with applications to disease control. Some of the costs and trade-offs described here have a long history in the plant pathology literature while others are newly discovered ways in which disease and defence are integrated with other biological processes. The papers span the range from molecular evolution of hosts and parasites to the large-scale evolution of populations. Click here to read the Special Issue for free!

Virtual Issues

NEW! Diseases of cassava and sweet potatoes This virtual issue of Plant Pathology contains reviews and articles on diseases of cassava and sweet potatoes, focusing principally on viral and nematode diseases.

Potato Blight The potato late blight pathogen, Phytophthora infestans is one of the most infamous plant pathogens in history, and recent sequencing of the P. infestans genome has resulted in rapid advances in our understanding of it at the molecular level. This virtual issue focuses on population structures of potato late blight including molecular methods for tracking populations and developments in molecular diagnostics.

Diseases of grapevine diversity, dynamics and control This virtual issue of Plant Pathology contains a review and fourteen original articles on fungal, bacterial, viral and nematode diseases of grapevine, which we hope will highlight the significant recent research on these pathogens, and provide a valuable resource.

Dickeya and Pectobacterium diseases, detection and control This virtual issue of Plant Pathology brings together reviews and articles on the soft rot bacteria Dickeya and Pectobacterium spp. Read the virtual issue online for free.

Emerging Diseases of Trees and their Management
This virtual issue of Plant Pathology contains reviews and articles on emerging diseases of trees, and is particularly timely with the emergence of Ash decline in Europe. Read the virtual issue online.