Plant Pathology

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Edited By: Matt Dickinson

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Online ISSN: 1365-3059

Associated Title(s): Molecular Plant Pathology

Editor's Choice

Dickeya species: an emerging problem for potato production in Europe
K. Toth, J. M. van der Wolf, G. Saddler, E. Lojkowska, V. Hélias, M. Pirhonen, L. Tsror (Lahkim) and J. G. Elphinstone

Dutch elm disease revisited: past, present and future management in Great Britain
T. D. Harwood, I. Tomlinson, C. A. Potter and J. D. Knight

Stability and variability of virulence of Phytophthora infestans assessed in a ring test across European laboratories
D. Andrivon, J. Avendaño-Córcoles, A. M. Cameron, S. F. Carnegie, L. R. Cooke, R. Corbière, D. Detourné, L. J. Dowley, D. Evans, K. Forisekova, D. G. Griffin, A. Hannukkala, A. K. Lees, R. Lebecka, F. Niepold, Z. Polgar, D. S. Shaw, J. Thompson, B. Trognitz, H. M. G. van Raaij and E. Zimnoch-Guzowska

Fire blight. Why do views on host invasion by Erwinia amylovora differ?
E. Billing

Use of a real-time LAMP isothermal assay for detecting 16SrII and XII phytoplasmas in fruit and weeds of the Ethiopian Rift Valley
B. Bekele, J. Hodgetts, J. Tomlinson, N. Boonham, P. Nikolić, P. Swarbrick and M. Dickinson

Climate change, plant diseases and food security: an overview
S. Chakraborty and A. C. Newton

Liberibacters associated with orange jasmine in Brazil: incidence in urban areas and relatedness to citrus liberibacters
S. A. Lopes, G. F. Frare, L. E. A. Camargo, N. A. Wulff, D. C. Teixeira, R. B. Bassanezi, G. A. C. Beattie and A. J. Ayres

Aggressive and mild Potato virus Y isolates trigger different specific responses in susceptible potato plants
P. Kogovšek, M. Pompe-Novak, Š. Baebler, A. Rotter, L. Gow, K. Gruden, G. D. Foster, N. Boonham and M. Ravnikar

Determining frequencies of avirulent alleles in airborne Leptosphaeria maculans inoculum using quantitative PCR
P. Van de Wouw, J. F. Stonard, B. J. Howlett, J. S. West, B. D. L. Fitt and S. D. Atkins

Inhibition of Botrytis cinerea growth and suppression of botrytis bunch rot in grapes using chitosan
T. Reglinski, P. A. G. Elmer, J. T. Taylor, P. N. Wood and S. M. Hoyte

Phytophthora andina sp. nov., a newly identified heterothallic pathogen of solanaceous hosts in the Andean highlands
R. F. Oliva, L. P. N. M. Kroon, G. Chacón, W. G. Flier, J. B. Ristaino and G. A. Forbes

Spatial variability of fusarium head blight pathogens and associated mycotoxins in wheat
E.-C. Oerke, A. Meier, H.-W. Dehne, M. Sulyok, R. Krska and U. Steiner