Plant Pathology

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Edited By: Matt Dickinson

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Virtual Issue - Emerging Diseases of Trees and their Management

This virtual issue of Plant Pathology contains reviews and articles on emerging diseases of trees, and is particularly timely with the emergence of Ash decline in Europe. The first article is a Letter to the Editor published in 2008, which highlights the dangers of global trade in plants as a means of spreading disease, and this is followed by three review articles that detail the problems with management of such diseases, the historical perspective on Dutch elm disease, and the potential impact of climate change on emergence and spread of tree diseases. There are then a number of original articles highlighting examples of tree diseases that have emerged over recent years, on ash, chestnut, birch, horse chestnut and oak. There is then a review paper on methods for managing and eradicating plant pathogens, followed by three original papers detailing specific management examples for tree diseases. We hope that bringing these papers together into a single virtual issue will help to highlight the significant recent research on these pathogens, and provide a valuable resource.

The biosecurity threat to the UK and global environment from international trade in plants
C. M. Brasier

Ability of governments to take actions to confront incursions of diseases – a case study: citrus canker in Florida
T. J. Centner and S. Ferreira

Dutch elm disease revisited: past, present and future management in Great Britain
T. D. Harwood, I. Tomlinson, C. A. Potter and J. D. Knight

Climate change and forest diseases
R. N. Sturrock, S. J. Frankel, A. V. Brown, P. E. Hennon, J. T. Kliejunas, K. J. Lewis, J. J. Worrall and A. J. Woods

Occurrence of Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus on infected ash logs
C. Husson, O. Caël, J. P. Grandjean, L. M. Nageleisen and B. Marçais

Investigations concerning the role of Chalara fraxinea in declining Fraxinus excelsior

R. Bakys, R. Vasaitis, P. Barklund, K. Ihrmark and J. Stenlid

Rapid emergence of hybrids between the two subspecies of Ophiostoma novo-ulmi with a high level of pathogenic fitness
C. M. Brasier and S. A. Kirk

Incidence and severity of dieback in birch plantings associated with Anisogramma virgultorum and Marssonina betulae in Scotland
H. De Silva, S. Green and S. Woodward

Phytophthora obscura sp. nov., a new species of thenovel Phytophthora subclade 8d
N. J. Grünwald, S. Werres, E. M. Goss, C. R. Taylor and V. J. Fieland

Analysis of the natural infection of European horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) by Pseudomonas syringae pv. aesculi
H Steele, B. E Laue, G. A MacAskill, S. J Hendry and S Green

Susceptibility of Iberian trees to Phytophthora ramorum and P. cinnamomi
E. Moralejo, J. A. García-Muñoz and E. Descals

Infectivity and sporulation potential of Phytophthora kernoviae to select North American native plants
E. J. Fichtner, D. M. Rizzo, S. A. Kirk and J. F. Webber

Interaction between root rot basidiomycetes and Phytophthora species on pedunculate oak
B. Marçais, O. Caël and C. Delatour

Techniques for the treatment, removal and disposal of host material during programmes for plant pathogen eradication
M. R. Sosnowski, J. D. Fletcher, A. M. Daly, B. C. Rodoni and S. L. H. Viljanen-Rollinson

Potential for eradication of the exotic plant pathogens Phytophthora kernoviae and Phytophthora ramorum during composting
R. Noble, J. Blackburn, G. Thorp, A. Dobrovin-Pennington, S. Pietravalle, G. Kerins, T. R. Allnutt and C. M. Henry

Management of phytophthora root rot in radiata pine seedlings
T. Reglinski, T. M. Spiers, M. A. Dick, J. T. Taylor and J. Gardner

Effect of phenology on susceptibility of Norway spruce (Picea abies) to fungal pathogens
P. Krokene, E. Lahr, L. S. Dalen, T. Skrøppa and H. Solheim