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Special Issues

Synthetic Biology for Basic and Applied Plant Research

Microtubules Special IssueWhile engineers have been dabbling for a number of years in the redesign of bacterial and yeast chassis with novel properties, the application of synthetic biology to photosynthetic organisms is just beginning. It therefore, now seems timely to provide an overview of the state of the art of ‘Synthetic Biology for Basic and Applied Plant Research’ in this special issue. Featuring a comprehensive list of examples and approaches, the issue explains key principles and areas of plant synthetic biology helping readers and future contributors of The Plant Journal to embrace these approaches for both fundamental and applied plant science.

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Chromatin and Epigenetics at the nexus between cell division, differentiation and development

Chromatin and EpigeneticsThis Special Issue on ‘Chromatin and Epigenetics at the Nexus between Cell Division, Differentiation and Development’ features articles from leading scientists in their fields discussing a broad spectrum of topics relating chromatin structure and function with developmental transitions: the special organization and functional properties of centromeres and telomeres, genome maintenance and integrity, nucleosome remodelling and modification complexes, histone dynamics, epigenetic memory and chromatin during gametophyte development.

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ChlamydomonasDuring the past decade basic research on unicellular microalgae, including Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, has benefitted from a surge of funding addressing the need for sustainable, domestic production of high energy compounds and high-value co-products. As a result, our knowledge of the biology of Chlamydomonas has increased vastly in a relatively short period of time. This special issue provides a timely overview of this progress.

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Small Molecules: From Structural Diversity to Signalling and Regulatory Roles

Small MoleculesDespite the many challenges in detecting and functionally characterizing small molecules, genomics advances paired with increasingly sophisticated metabolomics approaches have led to a steady increase in the discovery of metabolites of diverse structure and roles in signaling and regulatory processes. This special issue highlights recent advances and discoveries in the field of small molecule research ranging from signaling metabolites in primary metabolism to molecules with roles in inter- or intra-specific interactions in plants and algae.

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Emerging Tools for Synthetic Biology in Plants

Emerging Tools for Synthetic Biology in Plants

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A Glorious Half-Century of Microtubules

Microtubules Special IssueThe 2013 special issue of The Plant Journal commemorates the discovery of microtubules in plant cells a half-century ago (Ledbetter and Porter, 1963). In October 1963, Myron Ledbetter and Keith Porter, while working at Harvard University, published an article in The Journal of Cell Biology with the title A “microtubule” in plant cell fine structure. This article is a literature classic. Since the early glimpses of microtubules in plant cells 50 years ago, a vast wealth of research has been directed at testing numerous models, using strategies ranging from electron microscopy to molecular genetics to explore the relationship described by Ledbetter and Porter between cortical microtubules and cellulose microfibrils. The specialist reviews that comprise this special issue extend far beyond the role that microtubules have in plant cell wall formation and morphogenesis to encompass the diverse fields for which microtubules are central players. It will be interesting to see what another half-century of research will yield.

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High-resolution Measurements in Plant Biology

High-resolution Measurements Special IssueThanks to technological progress in the last few decades, we are now living in one of the most exciting and progressive eras experienced to date. We now have the ability to witness complex interactions between microscopic components, from scales that range from the whole plant right down to cell compartments, on which the lives of all living multicellular organisms depend. Such abilities are crucial to our understanding of plant activity. The Plant Journal is pleased to present here a collection of papers that highlights the immense potential of high-resolution measurements for plant science.

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The Plant Genome: An Evolutionary View on Structure and Function

The Plant Genome Special IssueWe are now firmly into the era of genome sequencing. The genome sequences of more than ten plant species are already available, and the pace is greatly accelerating. But what do these sequences tell us about what makes a plant a plant? The series of articles in this special issue of The Plant Journal presents a comprehensive overview of how this wealth of information can help us understand what plant genomes consist of, how they are maintained and transmitted, what functions they specify, and how these evolved to encompass the enormous diversity we encounter nowadays in the plant kingdom.

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Arabidopsis: A rich harvest 10 years after completion of the genome sequence

Arabidopsis Special IssueThe year 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of the fully assembled Arabidopsis nuclear genome DNA sequence. To mark the occasion The Plant Journal looks back to highlight some of the numerous accomplishments in plant science made possible by the availability of the first plant nuclear genome DNA sequence. The Plant Journal is pleased to present a series of invited peer-reviewed articles that describe key areas of progress in plant biology to which research on Arabidopsis has contributed.

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Harnessing Plant Biomass for Biofuels and Biomaterials

Harnessing Plant Biomass for Biofuels and BiomaterialsThis Special Issue presents a series of invited peer-reviewed articles that describe the processes that plants can or could use to convert their fixed carbon into fuels or other useful products. The articles were commissioned to provide an authoritative scientific backdrop to inform discussion in debates on finding alternative affordable and renewable sources of carbon.

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