Transfusion Medicine

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Screening of platelets for bacterial contamination at the Welsh Blood Service
S. Pearce, G. P. Rowe, S. P. Field

DEHP-plasticised PVC: relevance to blood services
J. Sampson, D. de Korte

Strategies to reduce transfusion acquired vCJD
J. P. Wallis

The clinical significance of occult hepatitis B transfusion in Taiwan – a look-back study
T.-H. Su, P.-J. Chen, T.-C. Chen, H.-R. Cheng, L. Li, K.-S. Lin, J.-H. Kao, D.-S. Chen, C.-J. Liu

Safe blood transfusion practices in blood banks of Karachi, Pakistan
M. Kassi, A. K. Afghan, M. R. Khanani, I. A. Khan, S. H. Ali

Isolation of mesenchymal stem cells using the total length of umbilical cord for transplantation purposes
N. Tsagias, I. Koliakos, V. Karagiannis, M. Eleftheriadou, G. G. Koliakos

Role of mitochondria in the maintenance of platelet function during in vitro storage
T. Hayashi, S. Tanaka, Y. Hori, F. Hirayama, E. F. Sato, M. Inoue

Haemolysis after treatment with intravenous immunoglobulin due to anti-A
S. Morgan, P. Sorensen, G. Vercellotti, N. D. Zantek

Treatment of severe neutropenic sepsis with granulocyte transfusion in the current era – experience from an adult haematology unit in Singapore
A. L. Ang, Y. C. Linn

Improving transfusion practice: ongoing education and audit at two tertiary speciality hospitals in Western Australia
M. Gallagher-Swann, B. Ingleby, C. Cole, A. Barr