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Recent Papers from China, Japan and Korea

June 2012

Neotyphodium endophyte increases Achnatherum inebrians (drunken horse grass) resistance to herbivores and seed predators.
ZHANG XX, LI CJ, NAN ZB & MATTHEW C (2012) Weed Research 52, 70-78.

Resistance evaluation for herbicide resistance–endowing acetolactate synthase (ALS) gene mutations using Raphanus raphanistrum populations homozygous for specific ALS mutations.
YU Q, HAN H, LI M et al. (2012) Weed Research 52, 178-186.

Landform type and land improvement intensity affect floristic composition in rice paddy fields from central Japan.
YAMADA S, KUSUMOTO Y, TOKUOKA Y & YAMAMOTO S (2011) Weed Research 51, 51-62.

Elevated temperature may accelerate invasive expansion of the liana plant Ipomoea cairica.
WANG RL, ZENG RS, PENG SL et al. (2011) Weed Research 51, 574-580.

Genetic diversity of the newly invasive weed Flaveria bidentis (Asteraceae) reveals consequences of its rapid range expansion in northern China. MA JW, GENG SL, WANG SB et al. (2011) Weed Research 51, 363-372.

Distribution of invasive plants in China in relation to geographical origin and life cycle.
HUANG QQ, WANG GX, HOU YP & PENG SL (2011) Weed Research 51, 534-542.

Phenological growth stages of Brachypodium distachyon: codification and description.
HONG SY, PARK JH, CHO SH, YANG MS & PARK CM (2011) Weed Research 51, 612-620.

Effects of crop canopy structure on herbicide deposition and performance.
KIM DS, MARSHALL EJP, BRAIN P & CASELEY JC (2011) Weed Research 51, 310-320.

Effects of resource availability on tolerance of herbivory in the invasive Alternanthera philoxeroides and the native Alternanthera sessilis.
SUN Y, DING J & FRYE MJ (2010) Weed Research 50, 527-536.

Fine-scale spatial distribution of seedling establishment of the invasive plant, Leucaena leucocephala, on an oceanic island after feral goat extermination.
HATA K, SUZUKI JI & KACHI N (2010) Weed Research 50, 472-480.

Population structure analysis reveals the maintenance of isolated sub-populations of weedy rice.
CHUNG JW & PARK YJ (2010) Weed Research 50, 606-620.

Multiple introductions are responsible for the disjunct distributions of invasive Parthenium hysterophorus in China: evidence from nuclear and chloroplast DNA.
TANG SQ, WEI F, ZENG LY et al. (2009) Weed Research 49, 373-380.