Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

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Oral food desensitization in children with IgE-mediated hen’s egg allergy: a new protocol with raw hen’s egg
Paolo Meglio, Paolo G. Giampietro, Rossella Carello, Ida Gabriele, Simona Avitabile and Elena Galli

IL-31 significantly correlates with disease activity and Th2 cytokine levels in children with atopic dermatitis
Ulrike Raap, Sigo Weißmantel, Manuela Gehring, Anna M. Eisenberg, Alexander Kapp and Regina Fölster-Holst

Reduced gut microbial diversity in early life is associated with later development of eczema but not atopy in high-risk infants
Intan H. Ismail, Frances Oppedisano, Shayne J. Joseph, Robert J. Boyle, Paul V. Licciardi, Roy M. Robins-Browne and Mimi L.K. Tang

Risk of asthma and allergic outcomes in the offspring in relation to maternal food consumption during pregnancy: A Finnish birth cohort study Maijaliisa Erkkola, Bright I. Nwaru, Minna Kaila, Carina Kronberg-Kippilä, Jorma Ilonen, Olli Simell, Riitta Veijola, Mikael Knip and Suvi M. Virtanen

Specific oral tolerance induction with raw hen’s egg in children with very severe egg allergy: A randomized controlled trial
Iride Dello Iacono, Salvatore Tripodi, Mauro Calvani, Valentina Panetta, Maria Carmela Verga and Stefano Miceli Sopo

Perspectives on allergen-specific immunotherapy in childhood: An EAACI position statement
M. A. Calderon, R. Gerth van Wijk, I. Eichler, P. M. Matricardi, E. M. Varga, M. V. Kopp, P. Eng, B. Niggemann, A. Nieto, E. Valovirta, P. A. Eigenmann, G. Pajno, A. Bufe, S. Halken, K. Beyer and U. Wahn

Association between severe eczema in children and multiple comorbid conditions and increased healthcare utilization
Jonathan I. Silverberg and Eric L. Simpson

Testing children for allergies: why, how, who and when: An updated statement of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Section on Pediatrics and the EAACI-Clemens von Pirquet Foundation
P. A. Eigenmann, M. Atanaskovic-Markovic, J. O'B Hourihane, G. Lack, S. Lau, P. M. Matricardi, A. Muraro, L. Namazova Baranova, A. Nieto, N. G. Papadopoulos, L. A. Réthy, G. Roberts, O. Rudzeviciene, U. Wahn, M. Wickman and A. Høst

Breastfeeding modulates neonatal innate immune responses: a prospective birth cohort study
M. E. Belderbos, M. L. Houben, G. M. van Bleek, L. Schuijff, N. O. P. van Uden, E. M. Bloemen-Carlier, J. L. L. Kimpen, M. J. C. Eijkemans, M. Rovers and L. J. Bont

Exposure to farming environments in childhood and asthma and wheeze in rural populations: a systematic review with meta-analysis
Jon Genuneit