Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

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Edited By: Ulrich Wahn, Berlin, Germany

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August 2016 - Vol 27, Issue 5
Matrix effect on baked egg tolerance in children with IgE-mediated hen's egg allergy
Stefano Miceli Sopo, Monica Greco, Barbara Cuomo et

June 2016 - Vol 27, Issue 4
Comparison of six disease severity scores for allergic rhinitis against pollen counts a prospective analysis at population and individual level
Jakob Florack, Maria Antonia Brighetti, Serena Perna et al

May 2016 - Vol 27, Issue 3
Effect of indoor air quality of day care centers in children with different predisposition for asthma
Pedro Carreiro-Martins, Ana Luisa Papoila, Iolanda Caires et al

March 2016 - Vol 27, Issue 2
Key findings to expedite the diagnosis of hyper-IgE syndromes in infants and young children
Beate Hagl, Valerie Heinz, Anne Schlesinger et al

February 2016 - Vol 27, Issue 1
Prospective neonatal screening for severe T- and B-lymphocyte deficiencies in Seville
Beatriz de Felipe, Peter Olbrich, José Manuel Lucenas et al

December 2015 - Vol 26, Issue 8
Predicting asthma morbidity in children using proposed markers of Th2-type inflammation
Jon R. Konradsen, Elizabeth Skantz, Björn Nordlund et al

November 2015 - Vol 26, Issue 7
EAACI position paper for practical patch testing in allergic contact dermatitis in children
Flora B. de Waard-van der Spek, Ulf Darsow, Charlotte G. Mortz et al

September 2015 - Vol 26, Issue 6
Ground zero: not asthma at all
Fernando Maria de Benedictis, Diletta de Benedictis, Lorenzo Mirabile et al

August 2015 - Vol 26, Issue 5
Patch test results in children and adolescents across Europe. Analysis of the ESSCA Network 2002–2010
Anna Belloni Fortina, Susan M. Cooper, Radoslaw Spiewak et al

June 2015 - Vol 26, Issue 4
What lessons can be learned about asthma phenotypes in children from cohort studies?
J. Just, P. Saint Pierre, F. Amat et al

May 2015 - Vol 26, Issue 3
The use of the MeDALL-chip to assess IgE sensitization: a new diagnostic tool for allergic disease?
Ingebjørg Skrindo, Christian Lupinek, Rudolf Valenta et al

March 2015 - Vol 26, Issue 2
Rhinitis in children: Common clinical presentations and differential diagnoses
G. Rotiroti, G. Roberts & G.K. Scadding

February 2015 - Vol 26, Issue 1
Association between childhood atopic dermatitis, malnutrition, and low bone mineral density: A US population-based study
Jonathan I. Silverberg

December 2014 - Vol 25, Issue 8
Preventive sublingual immunotherapy in preschool children: First evidence for safety and pro-tolerogenic effects
Zsolt Szépfalusi, Christina Bannert, Leila Ronceray et al

November 2014 - Vol 25, Issue 7
Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome: Pitfalls in the diagnosis
George V. Guibas, Sophia Tsabouri, Michael Makris & Kostas N. Priftis

October 2014 - Vol 25, Issue 6
Hypersensitivity reactions to non-betalactam antibiotics in children: An extensive review
Semanur Kuyucu, Francesca Mori, Marina Atanaskovic-Markovic et al

August 2014 - Vol 25, Issue 5
The first thousand days – intestinal microbiology of early life: establishing a symbiosis
Harm Wopereis, Raish Oozeer, Karen Knipping et al

June 2014 - Vol 25, Issue 4
Parental hay fever reinforces IgE to pollen as pre-clinical biomarker of hay fever in childhood
Laura Hatzler, Valentina Panetta, Sabina Illi et al

May 2014 - Vol 25, Issue 3
Advice provided by Health Professionals regarding precautionary allergen labelling
Paul J. Turner, Isabel J. Skypala & Adam T. Fox

March 2014 - Vol 25, Issue 2
Validation of Control of Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma Test for Children (CARATKids) – a prospective multicenter study
Daniela V.B.R. Linhares, João Almeida L. da Fonseca, Luís Miguel et al

February 2014 - Vol 25, Issue 1
Challenges in interpreting allergen microarrays in relation to clinical symptoms: A machine learning approach
Mattia C.F. Prosperi, Danielle Belgrave, Iain Buchan et al

December 2013 - Vol 24, Issue 8
Pollen-induced allergic rhinitis in 1360 Italian children: Comorbidities and determinants of severity
Arianna Dondi, Salvatore Tripodi, Valentina Panetta et al

November 2013 - Vol 24, Issue 7
Stevens–Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in children
Marina Atanaskovic-Markovic, Biljana Medjo, Marija Gavrovic-Jankulovic et al

September 2013 - Vol 24, Issue 6
Oral immunotherapy and tolerance induction in childhood
M.L.K. Tang & D.J. Martino

August 2013 - Vol 24, Issue 5
Bronchial allergen provocation: A useful method to assess the efficacy of specific immunotherapy in children
Martin Rosewich, Sonja Arendt, Samir El Moussaoui et al

June 2013 - Vol 24, Issue 4
Allergic contact dermatitis in children: which factors are relevant? (review of the literature)
Flora B. de Waard-van der Spek, Klaus E. Andersen, Ulf Darsow et al

May 2013 - Vol 24, Issue 3
Prednisolone reduces recurrent wheezing after first rhinovirus wheeze: a 7-year follow-up
Minna Lukkarinen, Heikki Lukkarinen, Pasi Lehtinen et al

March 2013 - Vol 24, Issue 2
Drug provocation tests in the diagnosis of hypersensitivity reactions to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in children
Maria A. Zambonino, Maria J. Torres, Candelaria Muñoz et al

February 2013 - Vol 24, Issue 1
Bronchial allergen challenges in children – safety and predictors
Johannes Schulze, Wanda Reinmüller, Eva Herrmann et al

December 2012 - Vol 23, Issue 8
Association of pertussis and measles infections and immunizations with asthma and allergic sensitization in ISAAC Phase Two
Gabriele Nagel, Gudrun Weinmayr, Carsten Flohr et al

November 2012 - Vol 23, Issue 7
Peanut seed storage proteins are responsible for clinical reactivity in Spanish peanut-allergic children
María Pedrosa, Teresa Boyano-Martínez, María Carmen García-Ara et al

June 2012 - Vol 23, Issue 4
Practical dietary management of protein energy malnutrition in young children with cow’s milk protein allergy
Rosan Meyer, Carina Venter, Adam T. Fox and Neil Shah

May 2012 - Vol 23, Issue 3
Birth order effect on childhood food allergy
Takashi Kusunoki, Kumiko Mukaida, Takeshi Morimoto et al

March 2012 - Vol 23, Issue 2
Practices in the prescription of adrenaline autoinjectors
Mark J. Johnson, Keith D. Foote, Helen E. Moyses and Graham Roberts

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February 2012 - Vol 23, Issue 1
Familial aggregation of allergen-specific sensitization and asthma
Margaret Kurzius-Spencer, Stefano Guerra, Duane L. Sherrill et al

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