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Fluctuations in sedation levels may contribute to delirium in ICU patients
Svenningsen, H.; Egerod, I.; Videbech, P.; Christensen, D.; Frydenberg, M.; Tonnesen, E. K.

Gender disparity among US anaesthesiologists: are women underrepresented in academic ranks and scholarly productivity?
Pashkova, A. A.; Svider, P. F.; Chang, C. Y.; Diaz, L.; Eloy, J. A.; Eloy, J. D.

Continuous evaluation of neurological prognosis after cardiac arrest
Friberg, H.; Rundgren, M.; Westhall, E.; Nielsen, N.; Cronberg, T.

Myocardial protection by remote ischaemic pre- conditioning is abolished in sulphonylurea- treated diabetics undergoing coronary revascularisation
Kottenberg, E.; Thielmann, M.; Kleinbongard, P.; Frey, U. H.; Heine, T.; Jakob, H.; Heusch, G.; Peters, J.

The effects of safety checklists in medicine: a systematic review
Thomassen, O.; Storesund, A.; Softeland, E.; Brattebo, G.

Acute kidney injury in patients with severe sepsis in Finnish Intensive Care Units
Poukkanen, M.; Vaara, S. T.; Pettila, V.; Kaukonen, K-M; Korhonen, A-M; Hovilehto, S.; Inkinen, O.; Laru-Sompa, R.; Kaminski, T.; Reinikainen, M.; Lund, V.; Karlsson, S.

Incidence of transient hypoxia during pre-hospital rapid sequence intubation by anaesthesiologists
Helm, M.; Kremers, G.; Lampl, L.; Hossfeld, B.

Mortality in elderly ICU patients: a cohort study
Nielsson, M. S.; Christiansen, C. F.; Johansen, M. B.; Rasmussen, B. S.; Tonnesen, E.; Norgaard, M.

CNAP (R) does not reliably detect minimal or maximal arterial blood pressures during induction of anaesthesia and tracheal intubation
Gayat, E.; Mongardon, N.; Tuil, O.; Sievert, K.; Chazot, T.; Liu, N.; Fischler, M.

Emergence agitation in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy: a comparison of sevoflurane vs. sevoflurane-remifentanil administration
Na, H-S.; Song, I-A.; Hwang, J-W.; Do, S-H.; Oh, A-Y.