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Edited By: Michael G. Ritchie

Impact Factor: 3.479

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2012: 17/47 (Evolutionary Biology); 30/136 (Ecology); 56/161 (Genetics & Heredity)

Online ISSN: 1420-9101

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Evolution 2012 Virtual Issue

Journal of Evolutionary Biology Virtual Issue

Edited by Professor Michael G. Ritchie

To mark the joint meeting of ESEB, ASN, CSEE, SSB & SSE we have produced this Virtual Issue of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. It features research papers from JEB from the ten year period 2001–2010, with the aim of highlighting primary research papers (JEB also publishes conventional reviews and ‘target reviews’, which are already well publicised on-line). The Editor has chosen two papers from each year which illustrate the breadth and strengths of the journal.

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Editor's Choice Article

Read the latest Editor's Choice article from Issue 6 of Journal of Evolutionary Biology:

Evolution of paternal care in diploid and haplodiploid populations
N. G. Davies and A. Gardner

Graduate Student Prize and Society Information

JEB Graduate Prize

The European Society for Evolutionary Biology was founded in 1987. The objectives of the Society are to 'Support the study of organic evolution and the integration of those scientific fields that are concerned with evolution: molecular and microbial evolution, behaviour, genetics, ecology, life histories, development, paleontology, systematics and morphology'. The Society endeavours to accomplish these objectives through the publication of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, through meetings, and the John Maynard Smith Prize.

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