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Journal of Evolutionary Biology

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Hermaphroditic Schiedea salicaria (Caryophyllaceae) flower. The 34 species of this Hawaiian endemic genus represent one of largest adaptive radiations in the Hawaiian Islands. Schiedea salicaria, a species with populations containing females and hermaphrodites, was used to examine sexual dimorphism and the genetic potential for evolution of sex allocation patterns. See Sakai et al. pp. 18–29. Photo credit: Nobumitsu Kawakubo.
Rapid evolution of morphology across recently established populations of house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) in North America is facilitated by sex-specific maternal effects. See Badyaev et al., pp. 449–460. Photo: Alex Badyaev.
Heliconius melpomene rosina harvesting pollen from a flower of Psychotria poeppigiana (hot lips psychotria), Panama. See Estrada & Jiggins, pp. 749–760. Photo: C.D. Jiggins.
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A soldier of the army ant Eciton burchellii guards a nightly emigration. Berghoff et al. (pp. 1125–1132) reports new insights into the population structure of this species. Photo: Daniel Kronauer. Females of the dung beetle Onthophagus sagittarius (Scarabaeidae) are unusual in having horns that are not present in males (male horns are smaller and in a different location). On pp. 1175 –1183 of this issue, Simmons & Emlen show that contrary to predictions, horn growth did not negatively impact female fecundity or lifespan. Photo: Douglas Emlen.

A male Dendrobates variabilis carrying three tadpoles; each will be deposited individually in a pool of water accumulated in the leaf axel of an arboreal bromeliad (see Brown et al., pp. 1534–1543). Photo: Jason L. Brown.

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