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Edited By: Heinz Rennenberg and J.T.M. Elzenga

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Pollination and Reproduction Biology,

Published: 04 Jun 2010

Edited By: Heinz Rennenberg and Theo Elzenga


Over the past few years a number of articles on floral biology (pollination, reproduction, seed development) have been published in Plant Biology. That this work has taken such an important place on the pages of our journal was mainly a matter of chance. The editors are, however, very glad that it happened and have taken the opportunity to bring these articles together in a special issue, emphasizing the importance of this field of research.

Pollination system of the Pilosocereus leucocephalus columnar cactus (tribe Cereeae) in eastern Mexico
M. A. Munguía-Rosas, V. J. Sosa & M. E. Jácome-Flores

Floral biology and reproductive isolation by floral scent in three sympatric aroid species in French Guiana
H. Hentrich, R. Kaiser & G. Gottsberger

Floral display size and spatial distribution of potential mates affect pollen deposition and female reproductive success in distylous Pulmonaria officinalis (Boraginaceae)
R. Brys & H. Jacquemyn

Effects of habitat fragmentation and soil quality on reproduction in two heathland Genista species
M. Tsaliki, M. Diekmann

Two neutral variants segregating at the gametophytic self-incompatibility locus of European pear (Pyrus communis L.) (Rosaceae, Pyrinae)
J. Sanzol

Behavioural differences between male and female carpenter bees in nectar robbing and its effect on reproductive success in Glechoma longituba (Lamiaceae)
Y.-W. Zhang, J.-M. Zhao, C.-F. Yang, W. R. Gituru

Reduced recombination in gynodioecious populations of a facultative apomictic orchid
Y. Lu, Y.-B Luo, S.-Q Huang

Paternal effects on seed mass in Arabidopsis thaliana
T. J. de Jong, C. M. Hermans, K. (C.) A. M. van der Veen-van Wijk

Influence of inflorescence size on sexual expression and female reproductive success in a monoecious species
R. Torices, M. Méndez

The structure and roles of sterile flowers in Viburnum macrocephalum f. keteleeri (Adoxaceae)
B. Jin, L. Wang, J. Wang, N.-J. Teng, X.-D. He, X.-J. Mu, Y.-L. Wang

Underdeveloped embryos and germination in Aristolochia galeata seeds
D. Alves-Da-Silva, F. Borghetti, K. Thompson, H. Pritchard, J. P. Grime

Reciprocal style polymorphisms are not easily categorised: the case of heterostyly in Lithodora and Glandora (Boraginaceae)
V. Ferrero, I. Chapela, J. Arroyo, L. Navarro

Anther and stigma morphology in mirror-image flowers of Chamaecrista chamaecristoides (Fabaceae): implications for buzz pollination
G. Arceo-Gómez, M. L. Martínez, V. Parra-Tabla, J. G. García-Franco

Reproductive biology of Echinopsis terscheckii (Cactaceae): the role of nocturnal and diurnal pollinators
P. Ortega-Baes, M. Saravia, S. Sühring, H. Godínez-Alvarez, M. Zamar

A reassessment of the role of simple seed traits in mortality following herbivore ingestion
B. D'hondt, M. Hoffmann

Bimodal pollination system of the bromeliad Aechmea nudicaulis involving hummingbirds and bees

Pollination ecology and reproductive success in Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) in Québec (Canada)
I. Barriault, D. Barabé, L. Cloutier, M. Gibernau

Pollination biology and floral scent chemistry of the Neotropical chiropterophilous Parkia pendula
D. Piechowski, S. Dötterl, G. Gottsberger

Long-term variation in seed mass and seed production in populations of Paris quadrifolia
I. Kosiński