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Edited By: Jutta Schneider and Susan A. Foster (Editors-in-Chief)

Impact Factor: 1.791

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2014: 39/153 (Zoology); 39/51 (Behavioral Sciences)

Online ISSN: 1439-0310

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Animal personality and reproduction

Edited by Wiebke Schuett

The interest in animal personality variation (consistent behavioural differences among individuals) is rapidly increasing, yet, its evolutionary and ecological consequences are not well understood. This collection of publications gives novel insights into the link between animal personality and reproduction in the broadest sense. Topics covered range from the role of personality during intra-sexual competition, mate choice and parental care to reproductive consequences of personality variation and to more general mechanisms underlying care coordination and cooperation.

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Zeitschrift fur Tierpsychologie Backfiles Online: 1937-1985

In 1937, Otto Koehler, Carl Kronacher and Konrad Lorenz launched the journal Zeitschrift für Tierpsychologie which published seminal papers on animal behavior by preeminent authors such as Niko Tinbergen. In 1986, the editors and publisher renamed the journal Ethology, in keeping with the scientific trends of the time. All content since 1937 has now been digitised and is available online. Click here to view the full backlist table of contents...

Classic Papers by Niko Tinbergen include:

Die Balz des Samtfalters, Eumenis (=Satyrus) semele (L.)

Die Übersprungbewegung

On Aims and Methods of Ethology

Von den Vorratskammern des Rotfuchses: (Vulpes vulpes L.)

Ethology in the Press

Menstruation and Women's VoicesMenstruation and Women's Voices: Can Men Hear When You Have Your Period?
Huffington Post
A recent study indicates that for at least some men, it's not the Tampax box sticking out of your purse that gives away your menstrual status -- it's your voice.

Grouse have signature drumming stylesGrouse have signature drumming styles
New Scientist
Keith Moon and Ringo Starr had their own individual drumming styles, and if you listen closely enough you will find this guy (pictured) does too....

Butterflies Wait For “The One”Butterflies Wait For “The One”
Global Animal
The scientists describe their findings in the journal Ethology. Lead researcher and butterfly lover Jun-Ya Ide from the Kurume Institute of Technology in ...

Behavior BriefBehavior Brief
... and non-reproductive sex typically make distinct calls during each activity, the researchers explained in a recent Ethology paper reporting the results. ...

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