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The article 'The Unique Impact of Menstruation on the Female Voice: Implications for the Evolution of Menstrual Cycle Cues' has been featured by Times Union, Slate, Huffington Post, Voice of America

The article 'Cleaner Wrasses Keep Track of the ‘When’ and ‘What’ in a Foraging Task' has been featured by Practical Fishkeeping

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Ethology, Vol. 117 Issue 10, October 2011. When foraging honeybees return with news of food, they perform a complicated series of movements and steps that ...

The article 'On Group Living and Collaborative Hunting in the Yellow Saddle Goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostomus)' was featured by the BBC, Discover Magazine, and Practical Fishkeeping


The article 'Small Subordinate Male Advantage in the Zebrafish' was featured by the BBC


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Female Birds Choose Adventurous Mates as Personality Overcomes Appearance, Study Shows