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New! Animal personality and reproduction

Sexual selection and selection conflict

A celebration of a true milestone of Ethology: 50 years of Tinbergen (1963)

Animal personality and reproduction
Edited by: Wiebke Schuett

The interest in animal personality variation (consistent behavioural differences among individuals) is rapidly increasing, yet, its evolutionary and ecological consequences are not well understood. This collection of publications gives novel insights into the link between animal personality and reproduction in the broadest sense. Topics covered range from the role of personality during intra-sexual competition, mate choice and parental care to reproductive consequences of personality variation and to more general mechanisms underlying care coordination and cooperation.

Evolutionary Perspective on the Interplay Between Family Life, and Parent and Offspring Personality
Roulin A., Dreiss A.N., Koelliker M.

Testosterone and Partner Compatibility: Evidence and Emerging Questions
Hirschenhauser K

Behavioural Syndromes, Partner Compatibility and Reproductive Performance in Steller's Jays
Gabriel P.O., Black J.M.

Singing Activity Reveals Personality Traits in Great Tits
Naguib M., Kazek A., Schaper S.V., van Oers K., Visser M.E.

Do Female Zebra Finches, Taeniopygia guttata, Choose Their Mates Based on Their 'Personality'?
Schuett W., Godin J.-G.J., Dall S.R.X.

Personality and nest defence in the great tit (Parus major)
Hollander F.A., Van Overveld T., Tokka I., Matthysen E.

Non-Conceptive Sexual Behavior in Spiders: A Form of Play Associated with Body Condition, Personality Type, and Male Intrasexual Selection
Pruitt J.N., Burghardt G.M., Riechert S.E.

Individual Variation in Male Size and Behavioral Repertoire in the Sailfin Molly Poecilia latipinna
Seda J.B., Childress M.J., Ptacek M.B.

Boldness and Reproductive Fitness Correlates in the Eastern Mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki
Wilson A.D.M., Godin J.-G.J., Ward A.J.W.

Variation in Helper Type Affects Group Stability and Reproductive Decisions in a Cooperative Breeder
Schuerch R., Heg D.

Corticosterone, Avoidance of Novelty, Risk-Taking and Aggression in a Wild Bird: No Evidence for Pleiotropic Effects
Garamszegi L. Z., Rosivall B., Rettenbacher S., Marko G., Zsebok S., Szoellosi E., Eens M., Potti J., Toeroek J.

Repeated Recent Aggressive Encounters Do Not Affect Behavioral Consistency in Male Siamese Fighting Fish
Dzieweczynski T.L., Sullivan K.R., Forrette L.M., Hebert O.L.

Sexual selection and selection conflict
Edited by: David W. Zeh

Evolution of Classical Polyandry: Three Steps to Female Emancipation
Malte Andersson

Toward a New Sexual Selection Paradigm: Polyandry, Conflict and Incompatibility
Jeanne A. Zeh & David W. Zeh

Water Availability Affects Female Remating in the Seed Beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis
Tomohiro Harano

Age, Experience and Sex – Do Female Bulb Mites Prefer Young Mating Partners?
Zofia M. Prokop, Magdalena Jarzębowska, Anna M. Skrzynecka, Magdalena Herdegen

The Evolution of Large Testes: Sperm Competition or Male Mating Rate?
Karim Vahed, Darren J. Parker

Frequent Failure of Male Monopolization Strategies as a Cost of Female Choice in the Black Widow Spider Latrodectus tredecimguttatus
Rainer Neumann, Jutta M. Schneider

Signalling and Sexual Conflict: Female Spiders Use Stridulation to Inform Males of Sexual Receptivity
María Sofía Dutto, Lucia Calbacho-Rosa, Alfredo V. Peretti

Discriminating Males and Unpredictable Females: Males Bias Sperm Allocation in Favor of Virgin Females
Melvin M. Bonilla, David W. Zeh, Angela M. White, Jeanne A. Zeh

Song and Sperm in Crickets: A Trade-off between Pre- and Post-copulatory Traits or Phenotype-Linked Fertility?
Samantha P. Klaus, Lauren P. Fitzsimmons, Trevor E. Pitcher, Susan M. Bertram

Male Post-Ejaculatory Mounting in the Ring-Tailed Lemur (Lemur catta): A Behavior Solicited by Females?
Joyce A. Parga

Male Performance and Body Size Affect Female Re-Mating Occurrence in the Orb-Web Spider Leucauge mariana (Araneae, Tetragnathidae)
Anita Aisenberg

Added Weights Lead to Reduced Flight Behavior and Mating Success in Polyandrous Honey Bee Queens (Apis mellifera)
Miranda K. Hayworth, Nels G. Johnson, Matthew E. Wilhelm, Robert P. Gove, Jackie D. Metheny, Olav Rueppell,

Agonistic Behaviour and Sexual Conflict in Atypical Reproductive Groups: The Case of Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus Polyandrous Trios
Joan Bertran, Antoni Margalida, Beatriz E. Arroyo

All that Glisters is not Gold: Sensory Bias, Sexual Conflict and Nuptial Feeding in Insects and Spiders
Karim Vahed

The Scent of Genetic Compatibility: Sexual Selection and the Major Histocompatibility Complex
Dustin J. Penn

High-Speed Video Analysis Reveals Individual Variability in the Courtship Displays of Male Golden-Collared Manakins
Leonida Fusani, Marta Giordano, Lainy B. Day & Barney A. Schlinger

Variety is the Spice of Life: Female Lizards Choose to Associate with Colour-Polymorphic Male Dyads
Mo Healey, Tobias Uller & Mats Olsson

The Effects of Experimentally Induced Polyandry on Female Reproduction in a Monandrous Mating System
Göran Arnqvist & José A. Andrés