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Disease Genetics Virtual Issue

Disease Genetics

Editor: Christian Maltecca

Genetic improvement programs in dairy cattle have until recently focused on increasing net profit by increasing gross income per cow, rather than reducing costs of production. Unfortunately, strong selection pressure on yield traits coupled with management practices aimed at maximizing production may have resulted in undesirable side effects related to decreased fitness. Improving animal health is therefore a high priority in the dairy industry and fitness traits have increasingly become a significant contributor to farmer profitability. Genetic selection for improved disease resistance will result in a permanent improvement in performance. The breeding goals and programs are increasingly reflecting this change in attitude. Nonetheless an increased understanding of the traits as well as the development of adequate tools for selection is far from being completed. This virtual issue represents a compendium of the work published recently in the Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics and provides a focused overview of both the depth and the breadth of the current research.

Test-day somatic cell score, fat-to-protein ratio and milk yield as indicator traits for sub-clinical mastitis in dairy cattle
J. Jamrozik and L.R. Schaeffer

Estimation of genetic parameters for hip dysplasia in Czech Labrador Retrievers
L. Vostrý, Z. Čapková, N. Šebková and J. Přibyl

Estimation of variance components for postpartum dysgalactia syndrome in sows
R. Preissler, D. Hinrichs, K. Reiners, H. Looft and N. Kemper

Predictive ability of alternative models for genetic analysis of clinical mastitis
A.I. Vazquez, M.A. Perez-Cabal, B. Heringstad, M. Rodrigues-Motta, G.J.M. Rosa, D. Gianola and K.A. Weig

Genetic analyses of pathogen-specific mastitis
M. Holmberg, W.F. Fikse, L. Andersson-Eklund, K. Artursson and A. Lundén

Genetic parameters for energy balance, fat /protein ratio, body condition score and disease traits in German Holstein cows
N. Buttchereit, E. Stamer, W. Junge and G. Thaller

Udder health and female fertility traits are favourably correlated and support each other in multi-trait evaluations
L.H. Buch, M.K. Sørensen, J. Lassen, P. Berg, J.H. Jakobsen, K. Johansson and A.C. Sørensen

Genetic analyses of elbow and hip dysplasia in the German shepherd dog
K.F. Stock, S. Klein, B. Tellhelm and O. Distl

Symmetry of hip dysplasia traits in the German Shepherd Dog in Australia
B.J. Wilson, F.W. Nicholas, J.W. James, C.M. Wade, I. Tammen, H.W. Raadsma, K. Castle and P.C. Thomson

Genomic regions associated with ventro-cranial chronic pleuritis in pig
K.K. Sørensen, V.R. Gregersen, O.F. Christensen, I.H. Velander and C. Bendixen