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Edited By: A. Mäki-Tanila, R. Cantet, I. Misztal, M. Perez-Enciso, H. Simianer, and J. van der Werf

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Genomic Selection Virtual Issue

Genomic Selection

Editor: Asko Mäki-Tanila

In this issue we flag a range of papers examining the development and use of Genomic Selection. The method was introduced in the seminal paper by Theo Meuwissen, Ben Hayes and Mike Goddard in 2001 (Genetics 157, 1819-1829). The Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics has published papers on Genomic Selection since the thought-provoking article by Larry Schaeffer in 2006 (J Anim Breed Genet 123, 218-223). The Journal has had two special issues devoted to the topic in December 2007 and December 2011. The articles in this virtual issue highlight the recent research on the challenges and advantages of genomic selection, methodological solutions, practical applications, and implications for the state of genetic variation.

Influence of model specifications on the reliabilities of genomic prediction in a Swedish–Finnish red breed cattle population
E. Rius-Vilarrasa, R.F. Brøndum, I. Strandén, B. Guldbrandtsen, E. Strandberg, M.S. Lund and W.F. Fikse

An assessment of linkage disequilibrium in Holstein cattle using a Bayesian network
G. Morota, B.D. Valente, G.J.M. Rosa, K.A. Weigel and D. Gianola

Genomic selection strategies in dairy cattle: Strong positive interaction between use of genotypic information and intensive use of young bulls on genetic gain
L.H. Buch, M.K. Sørensen, P. Berg, L.D. Pedersen and A.C. Sørensen

Genomic selection strategies in dairy cattle breeding programmes: Sexed semen cannot replace multiple ovulation and embryo transfer as superior reproductive technology
L.D. Pedersen, M. Kargo, P. Berg, J. Voergaard, L.H. Buch and A.C. Sørensen

FAQ for genomic selection
I. Misztal

Dimension reduction and variable selection for genomic selection: application to predicting milk yield in Holsteins
N. Long, D. Gianola, G.J.M. Rosa and K.A. Weigel

Using the genomic relationship matrix to predict the accuracy of genomic selection
M.E. Goddard, B.J. Hayes and T.H.E. Meuwissen

Efficient computation of the genomic relationship matrix and other matrices used in single-step evaluation
I. Aguilar, I. Misztal, A. Legarra and S. Tsuruta

The unified approach to the use of genomic and pedigree information in genomic evaluations revisited
T.H.E. Meuwissen, T. Luan and J.A. Woolliams