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Edited By: Michel Goldberg

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Virtual Issue: Plants and extracts rich in secondary metabolites: their utility in ruminant nutrition

After the ban of the use of feed antibiotics in many countries, and owing to consumers’ concerns, the search for diet supplementation with natural bioactive compounds is in the focus of research. In ruminant nutrition, such compounds are either supplemented in purified form or via entire plants, plant parts or crude extracts thereof. There is a tremendous wealth of possibly suitable sources, especially in the tropics. This makes the search for useful supplements exciting, but also difficult. In addition to that, natural products have a rather large variability in their properties as a consequence of both variations in concentration and chemical composition of secondary compounds. The biggest challenge is, therefore, to identify supplements with consistently positive effects on performance, animal health and digestion, the latter favourably associated with low methane emissions. This virtual issue of the Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition compiles recent findings in this field. The studies comprised various plant secondary compounds among them tannins, saponins, terpenes and sulphur-containing compounds. It demonstrates the broad range of research approaches currently applied in this field.

Michael Kreuzer (Editor of JAPAN)

Review article:


Meta-analysis of the relationship between dietary tannin level and methane formation in ruminants from in vivo and in vitro experiments (pages 365–375) Vol. 96, 2012, Issue 3

A. Jayanegara, F. Leiber and M. Kreuzer


Original articles


Preliminary results on the effects of grape (Vitis vinifera) seed condensed tannins on in vitro intestinal digestibility of the lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) seed protein fraction in small ruminants (pages 456–460) Vol. 95, 2011, Issue 4

A. M. Bruno-Soares, A. L. Soares-Pereira, T. J. S. Matos and J. M. Ricardo-da-Silva


Fermentation kinetics of sainfoin hay with and without PEG (pages 842–849) Vol. 96, 2012, Issue 5

S. Calabrò, A. Guglielmelli, F. Iannaccone, P. P. Danieli, R. Tudisco, C. Ruggiero, G. Piccolo, M. I. Cutrignelli and F. Infascelli


Effect of condensed tannin ingestion in sheep and goat parotid saliva proteome (pages 304–312) Vol. 95, 2011, Issue 3

E. Lamy, G. da Costa, R. Santos, F. Capela e Silva, J. Potes, A. Pereira, A. V. Coelho and E. Sales Baptista


Effect of saponins from Enterolobium cyclocarpum on in vitro microbial fermentation of the tropical grass Pennisetum purpureum (pages 762–769) Vol. 96, 2012, Issue 5

R. Rodríguez and M. Fondevila


Terpenes transfer to milk and cheese after oral administration to sheep fed indoors (pages 172–181) Vol. 96, 2012, Issue 2

I. Poulopoulou, E. Zoidis, T. Massouras and I. Hadjigeorgiou


Effect of Terminalia chebula and Allium sativum on in vivo methane emission by sheep (pages 187–191) Vol. 95, 2011, Issue 2

A. K. Patra, D. N. Kamra, R. Bhar, R. Kumar and N. Agarwal


Effect of several supplemental Chinese herbs additives on rumen fermentation, antioxidant function and nutrient digestibility in sheep (pages 930–938) Vol. 96, 2012, Issue 5

G. H. Qiao, X. H. Zhou, Y. Li, H. S. Zhang, J. H. Li, C. M. Wang and Y. Lu