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Effects of ocean acidification on sponge communities. Claire Goodwin, Riccardo Rodolfo-Metalpa, Bernard Picton and Jason M. Hall-Spencer.

Habitat selection in birds feeding on ocean shores: landscape effects are important in the choice of foraging sites by oystercatchers. Thomas A. Schlacher, Justin J. Meager and Tara Nielsen.

Partitioning of the feeding niche along spatial, seasonal and size dimensions by the fish community in a tropical Bay in Southeastern Brazil. Ana Paula P. Guedes, Francisco G. Araújo, André L. M. Pessanha and Rosana R. Milagre.

Jellyfish diversity and distribution patterns in the tropical Southwestern Atlantic. Lúcia Maria O. Gusmão, Xiomara Franchesca G. Diaz, Mauro de Melo Jr, Ralf Schwamborn and Sigrid Neumann-Leitão.

New insights on the trophic ecology of bathyal communities from the methane seep area off Concepción, Chile (~36° S). Germán Zapata-Hernández, Javier Sellanes, Andrew R. Thurber, Lisa A. Levin, Frédéric Chazalon and Peter Linke.

Yield and catch changes in a Mediterranean small tuna trap: a warming change effect? Riccardo Cattaneo-Vietti, Valentina Cappanera, Michela Castellano and Paolo Povero.

Biomass and estimated production rates of metazoan zooplankton community in a tropical coral reef of Malaysia. Ryota Nakajima, Teruaki Yoshida, Bin Haji Ross Othman and Tatsuki Toda.

Macrobenthic composition of the southeast continental shelf of India. Seerangan Manokaran, Syed Ajmal Khan and Parameswari S. Lyla.

Abundance, distribution and habitat preference of Hippocampus guttulatus and Hippocampus hippocampus in a semi-enclosed central Mediterranean marine area. Michele Gristina, Frine Cardone, Roberto Carlucci, Laura Castellano, Sergio Passarelli and Giuseppe Corriero.

Skin toxins in coral-associated Gobiodon species (Teleostei: Gobiidae) affect predator preference and prey survival. Barbara Gratzer, Eva Millesi, Manfred Walzl and Juergen Herler.

Sponge heterotrophic capacity and bacterial community structure in high- and low-microbial abundance sponges. Ericka Poppell, Jeremy Weisz, Lori Spicer, Andrew Massaro, April Hill and Malcolm Hill.

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Fishing-induced evolution of growth: concepts, mechanisms and the empirical evidence - Thinking Beyond the Data
Katja Enberg, Christian Jørgensen, Erin S. Dunlop, Øystein Varpe, David S. Boukal, Loïc Baulier, Sigrunn Eliassen, Mikko Heino

What can we learn from genomics approaches in marine ecology? From sequences to eco-systems biology!
Thomas Mock, Amy Kirkham

Biological structures as a source of habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity on the deep ocean margins
Lene Buhl-Mortensen, Ann Vanreusel, Andrew J. Gooday, Lisa A. Levin, Imants G. Priede, Pål Buhl-Mortensen, Hendrik Gheerardyn, Nicola J. King, Maarten Raes

Effects of environmental gradients on sandy beach macrofauna of a semi-enclosed bay
Ricardo S. Cardoso, Gustavo Mattos, Carlos H.S. Caetano, Tatiana M.B. Cabrini, Ludmila B. Galhardo, Felipe Meireis

The influence of geological, geochemical, and biogenic habitat heterogeneity on seep biodiversity
Erik E. Cordes, Marina R. Cunha, Joëlle Galéron, Camilo Mora, Karine Olu-Le Roy, Myriam Sibuet, Saskia Van Gaever, Ann Vanreusel, Lisa A. Levin

Three-year investigations into sperm whale-fall ecosystems in Japan
Yoshihiro Fujiwara et al.

Population structure and connectivity in the Atlantic scleractinian coral Montastraea cavernosa (Linnaeus, 1767)
Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley, Robert M. Woollacott, Gonzalo Giribet

Mediterranean commercial sponges: over 5000 years of natural history and cultural heritage
Roberto Pronzato, Renata Manconi

The contribution of deep-sea macrohabitat heterogeneity to global nematode diversity
Ann Vanreusel et al.

Reproductive biology of Diopatra neapolitana (Annelida, Onuphidae), an exploited natural resource in Ria de Aveiro (Northwestern Portugal)
Adília Pires, Franck Gentil, Victor Quintino, Ana M. Rodrigues