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Sponge heterotrophic capacity and bacterial community structure in high- and low-microbial abundance sponges
Poppell, Ericka; Weisz, Jeremy; Spicer, Lori; Massaro, Andrew; Hill, April; Hill, Malcolm
Volume: 35, Issue: 4, Pages: 414-424.

Environmental factors shaping boring sponge assemblages at Mexican Pacific coral reefs
Nava, Hector; Luis Carballo, Jose
Volume: 34, Issue: 3, Pages: 269-279.

Foraging across ecosystems: diet diversity and social foraging spanning aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems by an invertebrate
Laidre, Mark E.
Volume: 34, Issue: 1, Pages: 80-89.

Hydrozoan species richness in the Mediterranean Sea: past and present
Gravili, Cinzia; Di Camillo, Cristina Gioia; Piraino, Stefano; Boero, Ferdinando
Volume: 34, Issue: 1, Pages: 41-62.

Distribution and temporal variation of mega-fauna at the Regab pockmark (Northern Congo Fan), based on a comparison of videomosaics and geographic information systems analyses
Marcon, Yann; Sahling, Heiko; Allais, Anne-Gaelle; Bohrmann, Gerhard; Olu, Karine
Volume: 35, Issue: 1, Pages: 77-95.

Patterns in the abundance of hyperbenthic zooplankton and colonization of marine benthic invertebrates on the seafloor of Saanich Inlet, a seasonally hypoxic fjord
Dinning, Kristin M.; Metaxas, Anna
Volume: 34, Issue: 1, Pages: 2-13.

Biodiversity, ecological structure, and change in the sponge community of different geomorphological zones of the barrier fore reef at Carrie Bow Cay, Belize
Villamizar, Estrella; Diaz, Maria C.; Ruetzler, Klaus; De Nobrega, Renato
Volume: 35, Issue: 4, Pages: 425-435.

The coral assemblages of an off-shore deep Mediterranean rocky bank (NW Sicily, Italy)
Bo, Marzia; Cerrano, Carlo; Canese, Simonepietro; Salvati, Eva; Angiolillo, Michela; Santangelo, Giovanni; Bavestrello, Giorgio
Volume: 35, Issue: 3, Pages: 332-342.

Infaunal macrobenthos of the oxygen minimum zone on the Indian western continental shelf
Joydas, Thadickal V.; Damodaran, Rayaroth
Volume: 35, Issue: 1, Pages: 22-35.

Northern Adriatic phytoplankton response to short Po River discharge pulses during summer stratified conditions
Vilicic, Damir; Kuzmic, Milivoj; Tomazic, Igor; Ljubesic, Zrinka; Bosak, Suncica; Precali, Robert; Djakovac, Tamara; Maric, Danijela; Godrijan, Jelena
Volume: 34, Issue: 4, Pages: 451-466.