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Biological structures as a source of habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity on the deep ocean margins
Lene Buhl-Mortensen et al.

The influence of geological, geochemical, and biogenic habitat heterogeneity on seep biodiversity
Erik E. Cordes, Marina R. Cunha, Joëlle Galéron, Camilo Mora, Karine Olu-Le Roy, Myriam Sibuet, Saskia Van Gaever, Ann Vanreusel, Lisa A. Levin

The contribution of deep-sea macrohabitat heterogeneity to global nematode diversity
Ann Vanreusel et al.

Scales of habitat heterogeneity and megabenthos biodiversity on an extensive Australian continental margin (100-1100 m depths)
Alan Williams, Franziska Althaus, Piers K. Dunstan, Gary C.B. Poore, Nicholas J. Bax, Rudy J. Kloser, Felicity R. McEnnulty

Effects of ocean acidification and high temperatures on the bryozoan Myriapora truncata at natural CO2 vents
Riccardo Rodolfo-Metalpa, Chiara Lombardi, Silvia Cocito, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Maria Cristina Gambi

Seamount megabenthic assemblages fail to recover from trawling impacts
Alan Williams et al.

Hawaiian hotspots: enhanced megafaunal abundance and diversity in submarine canyons on the oceanic islands of Hawaii
Eric W. Vetter, Craig R. Smith, Fabio C. De Leo

Habitat heterogeneity and its influence on benthic biodiversity in oxygen minimum zones
Andrew J. Gooday, Brian J. Bett, Elva Escobar, Baban Ingole, Lisa A. Levin, Carlos Neira, Akkur V. Raman, Javier Sellanes

The roles of habitat heterogeneity in generating and maintaining biodiversity on continental margins: an introduction
Lisa A. Levin, Myriam Sibuet, Andrew J. Gooday, Craig R. Smith, Ann Vanreusel

High-resolution seabed imagery as a tool for biodiversity conservation planning on continental margins
Thomas A. Schlacher, Alan Williams, Franziska Althaus, Monika A. Schlacher-Hoenlinger